Ever Hear Of Self-Love?

Recently Archbishop Luis Martinez used me as an example in order to make a few points. He didn’t clear it with me. To be honest, I didn’t come off looking very good in the article. Hmmmmm. I know he died in 1956 when I was only 10 years old, so you may wonder how he knew so much about me. Well that may be a good point, but nevertheless, I’m a bit offended.  You be the judge….listen to the following summary and you’ll quickly pick me out of the article. 

He starts with “The fact is that we like to please ourselves; we like one thing or another for our own comfort, through self-love; and if what God sends us is not to our taste, we are disturbed and even rebellious.” Woe, slow down Archbishop…. give me a chance to respond to that.  

Then he goes on and says, “Dave asks how can this suffering possibly sanctify him? He admits that the cross is indeed the way to perfection, but in this one he sees no prospect of coming closer to God. Dave groans, how shall I become holy if our Lord places me in these conditions which seem opposed to my sanctification?”  

Hey, that’s not such a bad point I raise…. I think I should be allowed to make a point or two. 

But before I can continue, AB Luis jumps in with “What blindness of heart! Dave, do you not understand the ways of God? He loves you more than you love yourself. He loves you more than anyone else loves you. He is unceasingly solicitous for your good. If he sends you this cross, it is exactly what you need for your sanctification. If you but understood these truths, what could make you lose peace? How calm your lives would be!”  Well I have to admit that the Archbishop is making some good points. 

He finishes with, “Dave, some events bring joy and others suffering; you shall suffer and weep and may even complain, but deep in your heart you shall experience peace. Dave, the instrument that the Lord is now using to sanctify you must be very precious since his love sends it and he would have it preserve peace in your heart…”

(Ref. Servant of God: Archbishop Luis María Martínez († 1956) Magnificat: May 9, 2023)

I don’t know how the Archbishop was able to “read my mind”, but he sure did. I surrender to his presentation of truth…. he’s right. God sends the crosses perfectly tailored to my need. He calls me to trust his great love for me. 

I guess there’s another possibility here… maybe Archbishop Martinez wasn’t just speaking about me. Maybe he was speaking to each of us…maybe even to you. I know he was speaking to me….. but you never know, he may have been reading your mind too. 

4 thoughts on “Ever Hear Of Self-Love?

  1. I’ve been reading Searching For and Maintaining Peace and this was just about what I was reading yesterday. Jesus, help us to believe it!


  2. So difficult ho accept this truth when you’re carrying a heavy cross. When I look back now, I can see that the holy habits that I learned were from accepting those crosses. Jesus gives us incredible grace all day, everyday on every level. I am so grateful🙌🏻


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