“Never Touched By Honor”

We all need to know we are being cared for…. if not, we will feel the need to take care of our self…. “to look out for #1”. When I know I’m being cared for, I’m free to do what I’m called to do. It’s called trust. I trust that the Lord loves me and will always take care of me…. I can then give all to serving the Lord. 

The great saints came to see this truth. They trusted the Lord and could therefore give all to him, and not worry about receiving temporal assurances, awards and praise. If no one ever said thanks to them, if they were never honored with a “position”, if they were never canonized, if none of their spoken words were ever recorded in the scripture….. they were still good, because they knew the Lord “had their back”. St. Joseph had this level of trust. 

“When God sought a man after his own heart in order to place in his hands what was dearest to him: the person of his Only Begotten Son, the integrity of his holy Mother, the salvation of mankind, the treasure of heaven and earth. He chooses an unknown man, a poor craftsman, Joseph, and entrusts to him a work that would not bring shame to the highest order of angels, so that we might understand that the man after God’s own heart must be sought in the heart and is made worthy by his hidden virtues…. Joseph merited the greatest honors because he was never touched by honor. The Church has nothing more illustrious, because it has nothing more hidden. May the Almighty God ensure that we shall always revere Joseph’s hidden virtue. (Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, Magnificat, May 1, 2023)

True leaders don’t grasp for praise and honor for themselves. I’ve known men who were real leaders because they were men of humility; they were not looking for honor and awards. They lived the axiom, “Christianity is a race for last place”. Because of their example, others were able to put Christ first without worrying about being honored. Emulating St. Joseph, they “merited honor because they were not touched by honor.” St. Joseph, pray for us.

As we honor St. Joseph, the great humble servant of God, may we emulate his humility. May we not spend our energy “looking out for #1”. May we allow the Lord to defend us. May we not seek honors on this earth, knowing that one day our Lord will give us the appropriate eternal honor, hearing “well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your master.” (Mt. 25:23)

2 thoughts on ““Never Touched By Honor”

  1. I honor St Joseph for his selfless love, devotion to God and the mission entrusted to him. He lived the St Francis prayer.
    St Joseph pray for us to have a humble spirit and follow in your footsteps 🙏


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