Help Us Lord

We’re moving into the heart of Holy Week…. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the pause of Holy Saturday, and then  the greatest day in history, Easter Sunday. 

I pray that all of us, by the grace of God, will sit at the Lord’s feet and allow him to take care of us. We really don’t have to do anything, but allow the salvation of our God overwhelm us. We need to be overwhelmed by his love. Human solutions and clever phrases are just not enough. We need God. The world needs  God. 

Let’s just sit with God. Lord pour out your love on us over these next days.…like a river of mercy. We need you desperately. Help us Lord. Thank you for your sacrifice on the cross and glorious resurrection, conquering all our foes…sin and death and the devil. You are so magnificent. We love you Lord.

P.S. Let us participate in the the beautiful and powerful Triduum over these next three days. With these prayers along with other holy writers assisting us, the BLOG will be quiet. Have a powerful rest of Holy Week and life changing Easter.

2 thoughts on “Help Us Lord

  1. Dearest Jesus, loving Saviour, wash me with your love and purify my mind and heart. I want to love you with my whole heart, mind, soul and strength 🙏✝️


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