“Wow, Great Grandparents”

On the back cover of the November 3, 1994 Daily News, the headline read “Clueless Joe…Torre Has No Idea What He’s Getting Into”. The author of the article was Ian O’Connor. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Ian O’Connor, but I have heard of Joe Torre, and he led the Yankees to four World Series titles. Gee Ian, I think Joe apparently did have a clue. Well if Ian had been writing about me some 50 years ago, he probably would have led with something a lot worse than “Clueless Dave”. 

Well, because of the great mercy and compassion of our Lord, ole Dave found a beautiful and wonderful woman and we  celebrated the 4th generation of Touhills on Friday. Our dear sweet granddaughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Do the math, Judy and I are now “Great Grandparents”. I may have been pretty clueless back in the day, but our savior and friend certainly was not, and in following him, we are now blessed to see our “children’s, children’s  children”. Wow, it’s hard to even get the math right. 

Life always wins. One week after my brother Neal passed away, little Adelaide was born. One Touhill leaves this earth (1939-2023) and another Touhill arrives (2023- ?). Certainly she is not only a Touhill… she has the blood of Kaelin, Gallic, Behr, and Cazorla, and much more…. all the better because she has the strength of all these great families. 

Sometimes I hear, “how can you bring children into this crazy world?” Well, if we are only relying on our own strength, that may be a good question. But, we’re not alone in this world. This world still belongs to God. It’s his creation…. and he will never abandon his children. Often the craziness of the world brings out the best of the people who are living during the crazy times. Often the greatest miracles come during the worst times. All the martyrs we honor and hold up lived in terrible times. Yet when the Holy Spirit is present, it’s always the best of times.  Without the Lord, we’re all “Clueless”. With Christ, we can do great things, and we have nothing to fear. May all of us continue to fasten our seat belts and get ready for a great ride…a ride empowered by the great Holy Spirit. Wow, Adelaide, the Lord has great plans for you. You and your wonderful parents and family and future brothers and sisters are destined to do great things for the Lord. And that is very good news. 

Pic. 1: Great Grandparents with Granddaughter and great granddaughter

Pic. 2: Grandmother with granddaughter.


4 thoughts on ““Wow, Great Grandparents”

  1. Yes we can’t forget that Our Lord God has the whole world in his hands🙌🏻 Even when we sin, he is there loving us back to life in Him.
    We are very blessed to live long enough to see our children’s children🙌🏻 What a delight!


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