“1,000 & Counting”

Can you believe that we published our 1,000th BLOG yesterday. 1000 divided by 365 day, equals 2.7 years of BLOGS…. almost three years of BLOGS. To be perfectly honest I often re-published some BLOGS on the weekend, so there are not 1,000 original BLOGS….. probably about 900 or so originals and 100 or so repeats. Also because we did take break here and there for vacations and sickness, we probably have been in business for over three years. Actually the first BLOG  was published on March 31, 2020…. so almost three years ago. 

The original title was “Dave’s Corona Virus BLOG”. When Covid finally moved off page one, the title thankfully morphed to a much more user friendly title …..“Dave’s BLOG”. Hats off to my Board of Directors, who are all related to me, for their encouragement and help. Thanks to my #1 Fan, my wife Judy, who always leaves an encouraging comment… can you imagine 1,000 encouraging comments…wow, true love.

So, what’s next for the BLOG? There have been many offers to come on popular TV shows and podcasts… to write books, start lecture series…. to speak at commencement exercises at famous universities and receive honorary degrees. There’s talk of the Presidential Medal of Freedom award and even the Nobel Prize,  but I’m just too busy. Actually to be honest, I’m exaggerating just a bit… I have not received any notices from Stockholm. 

So be encouraged. If I can publish 1,000 BLOGS, you can do anything. Give it a try. Yet whatever we try in the upcoming days, let’s dedicate it to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask for his guidance. And who knows, maybe one of us will be receiving the Nobel Prize… but much more importantly hopefully all of us will end up in heaven with the Lord. And that is very good news. 

5 thoughts on ““1,000 & Counting”

  1. Dad, seriously, what a feat! I’ Be read every one and am always built up, a few or more than a few chuckles, convicted and encouraged. I feel like I get to talk with you every morning 💜

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit who inspires you everyday to write down what He says to you for all of us to read and think about during our day. What a gift to you and us! Thank you very much🙌🏻🎁🥰


  3. 1000!!! Wow!!! You never know how God will multiply your work when you give it to Him! Did you ever start this thinking I’ll write 1000 blogs??!!! Wow!!! Thanks for being open to the Holy Spirit so He can touch many hearts through you!


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