“Risking All For God”

Some people seem to love a good fight; they like to stir the pot. When things get too quiet, there they are giving somebody the “hotfoot”. If you say Mickey Mantle was the best Yankee of all time, they come back with both barrels championing Joe D or the Babe.  What can I say ? They just like a good fight….. they like to stir the pot. I’m not usually like that, unless I have a tooth ache or have a second glass of CHIMAY Blue Belgium beer (at 9% alcohol). 

Sometimes I feel like I should open my mouth but don’t because I would just as soon avoid the confrontation. Don’t get me wrong, there are times….. but I generally like peace. I read an article today that directly touched on this area which has been on my mind for sometime. Let me quote a few lines from the article, “Willing to Risk Rejection” by Fr. Donald Haggerty.

“In a time of widespread indifference to faith, one dilemma in the effort to live for souls is whether to resist in a forceful manner a disdain for religious truth that we may encounter in others. It would seem that few victories take placeEven so, does the likelihood of rejection excuse us from a struggle that God may expect us to enter bravely, especially after our own conversion? Is it enough to comfort ourselves with the assurance that truth will win in the end? Perhaps a different recognition is possible. The ignominy and shame of Golgotha do not suggest great triumphs for those who defend and live Christian truths, including moral truths. The cross implies, rather, that we will be crushed at times in an unequal fight. What God asks us to accept is that, if we are worthy of it, Christ will be mocked and scourged within our own life, even in trying to love and save souls. That mystery cannot take place unless we are courageous in our witness to Christian dogmatic and moral truth…..”. (Father Donald Haggerty, “Spiritual Insights Into An Essential Encounter With God, Magnificat, 3-13-23)

There seem to be two extreme traps that we can fall into in this regard. One is becoming Don Quixote, tilting at windmills… fighting the wrong battle at the wrong time. The other extreme is to run from the battles that God actually wants us to fight, thinking that it’s never the time to stand our ground. 

In truth there is the time to stand our ground, to defend the truth, to “go to the mat”.  Recall the famous song from the early days of the charismatic renewal….”I have decided to follow Jesus….no turning back, no turning back.” May God give us the wisdom and courage, to know which battles to fight and when and how. May fear not keep us from the right  battle and may pride and presumption not push us  us to fight the wrong battles. Holy Spirit teach us how to think and how to discern God’s direction. Holy Spirit give us the courage to follow this direction with peace and joy and courage. 

Eric Liddle, the Scotish runner and evangelist (ref. the Movie, “Chariots of Fire”) once said  “when I run, I feel God’s pleasure”. For us, when we stand with the truth, may we feel his pleasure. This is all very good news.

One thought on ““Risking All For God”

  1. Every time I step out to evangelize I feel God’s pleasure—he’s smiling at me🙌🏻 Please Holy Spirit, give me more courage🙏


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