Fairwell Paul

My good friend Paul Temple passed away last night. He was a very good man…. a good friend, a brother in Christ, a son of God in Baptism. Paul was a good husband father, grandfather. He loved and served the Lord.

He was quite a man. He had many gifts which he used to help others. He was very funny… he was one of the funniest people I ever knew. Paul was a great story teller… he had a million stories and they were all pretty good. I loved to listen to his stories…. he loved to tell those stories. Paul was a tough cookie… but also a kind cookie. He helped so many people over the years. Jesus was Lord of Paul Temple’s life.

I have so much I could say about Paul and I hope to say a lot more in a future BLOG. But for now, I’m just sad that my good friend has passed away. I miss him already. I love you Paul and I pray that you are fully home with the Lord who you served so well. May the Lord bless your dear wife Joan and all your great family. Rest In Peace my brother.

3 thoughts on “Fairwell Paul

  1. So encouraging to see your thoughts – imagine what Paul is seeing this morning compared to yesterday morning. I’m sure he doesn’t regret all the ways he kept Jesus as Lord, even when it was hard. ❤️


  2. Thank you Paul for being a holy man, who loved God and family first and served all those with needs in his path. I loved his smile which told me all was well with him. He and Joan are one on every level, great models of growing old together.
    Pray for us to finish strong dear brother in Christ🙏


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