“The Big MO”

Originally Posted August 25 2021

In Physics, momentum is calculated as the mass times the velocity. For example, a bowling ball (large mass) moving very slowly (low velocity) can have the same momentum as a baseball (small mass) that is thrown fast (high velocity). Ever try to stop a train or battleship, even if they are just creeping along … bad idea, don’t try it.

We usually don’t think of the Physics definition when we think of momentum;  we think of situations where “something is moving in a certain direction and it’s going be hard to stop it.”

How about in sports where one team is “rolling” and the other team is back on its heels… you can even see a certain fear in the eyes of the team getting bulldozed. At that moment, it looks like the result of the game is a far gone conclusion.

We can think of many examples of this “momentum tsunami”, not just in sports or physics, but in life…… in politics, in world events, in cultural changes.…..this thing is moving and it’s not going to stop”. You don’t need to be “Jimmy the Greek” to know how this is going to end. 

Depending on what side of the momentum tsunami you find yourself, you may be ecstatic and ready to celebrate  or seriously bummed and ready to quit. Regardless of these feelings, “it ain’t over till it’s over”. In reality, momentum can change. If the “victim” stays strong and doesn’t give up, things can turn around. 

Think of the early days of World War II, talk about momentum… Germany was racing thru Europe with its blitzkrieg crushing Poland, France, England…. Japan had knocked out most of the US Navy and taken the Philippines, Wake Island, Singapore …. The U.S. was not prepared. It really looked bad, maybe even hopeless. Yet, we know what happened. How about Atlanta losing Super Bowl 51 after being up 28-3.  Momentum can change.

Today it seems that the “Big MO” is on the side of evil … it’s hard to listen to the news… from the awful events in Afghanistan, to the ongoing Covid craziness, to the crimes in the cities, to the cultural insanity… attacks against God’s plan for the human race, crises in the church….. did I miss anything? (I did, but that’s enough.)

It can almost seem that God and his ways are losing… almost like Good Friday… Christ crucified, his followers running away, and the devil having a party.

But listen up…. “BIG MO” can turn on a dime. Remember WWII ? Remember Super Bowl 51 ?  Remember Easter Sunday ?  We just need to continue to do our part , to continue to be faithful to the Lord and his ways. Let’s not look at the scoreboard…let’s keep our eyes on the Lord. He will have the last word and his word will be peace and joy and happiness. And that is very good news.


One thought on ““The Big MO”

  1. I believe faith, prayer, and trust in God’a goodness can change the momentum towards evil in big ways and small ways. I see it everyday when someone is under attack and we pray and suddenly the air changes. Prayer calls forth angels who push back the evil spirits. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers 🙌🏻


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