Bone went to heaven on August 6, 2021. This BLOG was posted on August 19, 2021. I can’t believe he’s not here with us. So many great ones have left us for their eternal reward. Bone, remind Jesus to give us a special blessing.

Some famous people are known by only one name… you know, like in sports you have “Michael”. (Michael Jordon) Well in our neck of the woods, we have “Bone”. Everyone knows “Bone”.  

Although we knew he was very sick, it was a body blow to hear that “Bone” has passed away…. Paul Giegerich, Jr…. has gone home to God. Gosh, it’s hard to even say it.

Everyone has a story about “Bone”… no, everyone has a 100 stories about Bone. I think if we wrote down all our Bone stories, it would be longer than “War & Peace”.  

How do you describe Bone? Well, he had no college degrees, no significant employment history, no patents or awards…but Bone was a man of God who loved in the power of the Holy Spirit. He was born 54 years ago to Paul & Mary Alice Giegerich. And by the way, he had Down’s Syndrome. 

I thought I was Bone’s best friend. In truth, everyone thought they were Bone’s best friend…. and we all were. Bone brought out the best in us. Bone was a smart cookie…he had a great sense of humor. Bone loved to ask questions and even put you on the spot. He was a salesman like his dad. He knew how to “reign” … somehow you found yourself doing things for Bone. You wanted to do things for him…you wanted to be with him…you wanted to make him happy. In many ways, he had the “life of Reilly”. He went to more banquets, sporting events, weddings, anniversaries…. he went to everything, usually in a place of honor. He was a celebrity. Behind that Down Syndrome brain was someone who was smarter than all the rest of us. He was playing us…you could see it in the sparkle in his eyes. And he also suffered. He will be remembered long after the rest of us are forgotten. 

I loved Bone. Bone made me happy. Bone laughed at my jokes. Bone loved to pray and worship the Lord. Jesus was his Lord. I think Bone was a saint. 

How did this happen? How did he live this incredible life? Well, he had saints for his mom and dad. Paul & Mary Alice Giegerich treated this guy like Jesus. They treated him like a king…loving him, teaching him about the Lord, watching over him, giving him a life that was the best. They loved him to his last breath. What a great job! How blessed Bone was to have such parents and three other brothers who loved him, and other extended family and hundreds of friends in the People of Hope community and Catholic Church. 

I’ve got to stop, but I have hardly begun to tell you about him; I haven’t scratched the surface. “Bone” we’re all going to miss you. Please pray for all of us left behind and we will be praying for you. So Bone, one more time ……. “I’ll see you later alligator… and I hear in the distance….”in a while crocodile”. I love you Paul.  I’ll see you again.

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