MacBook Down, Need A Sub

I’m pretty proud of myself. My MacBook is on the blink… power cord problem.. so I’m composing a BLOG on my phone. I’m not sure it will work, but I’m giving it a try. I’m so focused on the nuts and bolts that I can barely think of the story. Hmmmmm.

It reminds me of choir practice when trying to learn a new song, I’m just focused on the notes and not how it sounds. If I learn my part, I feel like Pavarotti, even though I sound like “Chuck from the mailroom”. The choir director is admonishing the tenors to say “Creessmas and not Chrisssmas” while I’m just trying to find the note. Hmmmm. Oh by the way, my daughter is the choir director and… I don’t read music.

Regardless of all that, l’m fairly proud of myself… so far. Now we need a theme for this BLOG. I guess many people are following the World Cup in Quatar. The USA just won a big match against Iran 1-0. Everyone seemed excited about the win. The commentators were pretty direct and even critical talking about the USA team…. “they need to be disciplined, they can’t exhaust themselves in the first half … so and so is playing ok, not great…” It was like they were coaching the team as opposed to commenting on a match. They wanted the team to win, not just make a good showing.

Advent is about not just making a good showing; it’s about winning the crown of life. It’s about being ready when the Lord calls our name. It’s about not being distracted from the goal, not being satisfied playing a good first half. It’s about getting up after a fall.

We can do this. Listen to the voice of the Lord in our ear… the instruction, the encouragement. What will it feel like when we hear at the buzzer…. “ well done good and faithful servant, enter in to the Joy of your master.” It will be great!!! Let’s keep going, despite our trials and difficulties.

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