“O Sing To Him, Sing His Praise …”

Originally Posted July 29, 2021

I was reading from Psalm 105 today and was touched by its power and beauty.

  • “Give thanks to the Lord, tell his name ….
  • O sing to him, sing his praise …
  • Consider the Lord and his strength ….
  • Remember the wonders he has done …
  • He the Lord, is our God …
  • He remembers his covenant and his promises, forever …

When we are feeling self-sufficient with good health, enough money, safety … not feeling lonely…. then it’s easy to put God in the background…. I really don’t need God. Yet all of that is a delusion, a temporary fantasy…. at some point the delusion will dissipate and truth will come into focus. At some point it will be clear to all that God is the Lord and only in him do we find truth and joy and security and happiness and peace and eternal life.

Take a moment today and ponder God’s beauty and majesty. Look at a beautiful sunset, with colors changing minute by minute, and simply state, “ oh God how great you are.” If you are in the rolling hills, look at the trees, the grass….. wow. What about the mountains… incredible. Maybe you’re at the ocean this summer…look at the waves that continue to thunder… crashing …what power. Then look at a little baby with its tiny fingers and toes and little face. God is great. 

But then look in the mirror and see yourself…depending on the time of your life you may look young and vibrant or maybe old and tired. Nevertheless, you are God’s greatest creation. While Mount Everest may look more majestic, you are God’s most magnificent creation, made in his image and likeness….. “so God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”(Gen.1:27)

When we one day see the Lord face to face, we will fully be changed into his image and likeness. And at that moment Mount Everest won’t compare to us. I know it may seem unlikely as we see ourselves and our weakness today, but there’s nothing more beautiful and majestic than the love of God. And on that day God’s love for us will fully transform us. 

So take heart my friends, God will have the last word in regards to his friends and that word is going to really be something. Wait until you see your loved ones who have passed… when you see their beauty and happiness… and wait until they see you …. Wow. Lord Jesus, we love you. 

One thought on ““O Sing To Him, Sing His Praise …”

  1. God’s love for each one he creates is unfathomable! Thru sin and life’s circumstances we can get disconnected from that love but it’s always there as God can only love. Thank you Jesus for the countless times I’ve experienced your love. Make me not waste opportunities to
    share your love with others🙏


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