Land That I Love

Wow, today is election day…the mid-term elections. Many of us are praying hard for these elections. May the people of the United States elect godly men and women to office where they will uphold the basic truths of life and truth… where common sense and natural law will prevail. Lord have mercy on our country.

I find it amazing how quickly things can change. When you have like minded generations in the majority for many years, it seems their way of thinking is permanent. You think that of course, life will be protected…of course law and order is to be supported… of course we love our country…of course the 10 commandments will be foundational to our morality. Sure there are always the fringe that think differently, but the great majority still believe the truth.

And yet, we are only a generation away from major changes. We know that “God has no grandchildren”. Every person must decide if they will believe in God…if they will give their life to the Lord. Every person must ultimately make decisions on what they believe…it’s called “free will”. Hmmmmm, I wonder if God ever thinks maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to give us free will. It’s amazing how quickly we can make a mess of things when we decide against God and his commandments. Yet God is so kind and patient and forgiving. He truly is the God of 2nd chances…and 3rd chances… and 50th chances….

So our nation has another chance to try and put the train back on the rails. I pray we do it. Let me end with the words of Irving Berlin song from 1918…. God Bless America.

God bless America, land that I love 
Stand beside her and guide her 
Through the night with the light from above 
From the mountains, 
To the prairies, 
To the ocean white with foam 
God bless America, 
My home sweet home.

One thought on “Land That I Love

  1. Our LovingGod never stops offering his severe mercy to all of his children. Our country is in a big mess but He can straighten it out.
    Please God we just keep doing our part🙏


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