“It’s Okay– It’s Not A Big Deal”

Remember George Banks from the movie  “Father of the Bride”. Remember the scene about the blender.  “You know, Brian, Annie’s a very passionate person. And passionate people tend to overreact at time. Annie comes from a long line of major overreactors. I can definitely lose it.”  

“Saga of the Hotdog & Hotdog Buns”

I guess we can all tend to overreact at times. I’ve been getting clues from my wife that even I can tend to overact at times. I know it sounds crazy….. but you be the judge. Let me give you an example. I’ve been bumping into things at times and even dropping things more than normal. As I quietly pondered this, I’m thinking, “hey, maybe something’s wrong, maybe I’m coming down with some disease, maybe it’s the last roundup.”  Well I casually alluded to this after my recent drop and Judy jumps in like  Bob Sheppard, the former public address announcer at Yankee Stadium , sometimes referred to as the “Voice of God”. IT’S OKAY…IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL”. Yikes, I was knocked back. I thought I was being pretty circumspect. I was Edward R. Murrow broadcasting from London during the Blitz…. calm, cool, collected. “You know Bird, I’ve been noticing that I’ve been dropping things occasionally…” Bob Sheppard over the loudspeaker, IT’S OKAY…IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL”. 

Woe, now I needed to respond…. for the sake of truth and clarity and the American Way. In a very measured tone, I reply, “what if I just fell out of a 3rd story window, would you say, “IT’S OKAY…IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL”. And “what  if a meteor just landed on our car in the driveway, would you say “IT’S OKAY…IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL”. And “what if a giant dinosaur just stole the balloon that I got for my birthday, would you say, IT’S OKAY…IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL”.

I guess you can imagine Judy’s response after these well crafted responses… “oh, my bad, sorry , you were right, let’s talk about these latest occurrences ….”. Well actually no…the only response was an “eye roll” and a barely noticeable smile or even smirk. In situations like this I’m forced to bring out the BIG GUNS. I just can’t allow the eye roll to have the last word. So, I begin dancing around the dining room table…bringing out some of my best moves …… the Three Stooges circular routine with sound effects…”woo-woo-woo”, followed by the backward shuffle….. ending with the hand snuckle and flipper on the cheek. (If you are not familiar with this routine, please don’t consider yourself an educated person.)

Some of you may be wondering what the point of this BLOG might be. Let’s be honest, there is no point to this BLOG. This is known as a “reset” in the BLOG TRADE…. a clearing of the air. I wonder if Jesus ever had a reset with his apostles. You know, things were getting a bit too intense and he called a “Time Out”….. let’s get the campfire going, bring out the hot dogs and marshmallows and a case of ice cold beer and let’s relax…. Peter tell that story when you fell out of the boat… Thomas remember when you dropped the tax money down the drain…. 

Quietly I whisper to myself, you know I just turned 76… maybe I’m starting to lose it…. hmmmmm. And then I hear…. IT’S OKAY…IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL”.

Thank God we have those who love us and can bring perspective to our life and remind us that because of the Lord Jesus, it’s okay, it’s not a big deal, and all will be well with our soul. And that is very good news. 

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