“Idle Questions”

Most parents have heard the question “are we there yet”…… often 10 minutes into a 10 hour car trip. How often have we heard or even asked questions that really are not relevant, frivolous, or even idle .… not worth asking. 

Jesus heard plenty of these kinds of questions and never seemed to respond to them. I just read an article that quoted St. Cyril of Alexandria saying “ the Lord does not always answer the questions that are asked, for his only concern is what is profitable to his hearers…. he (Jesus) says nothing in answer to the idle question, but turns his discourse to more important subject.” (ref. Magnificat, Lectio Divina, 8-21-22)  

Idle questions aren’t helpful. At best they are a waste of time…at worst, they can lead us down the wrong path. Jesus was not going to waste his breath responding to idle questions. Archbishop Luis Martinez wrote “What will tomorrow bring, what will happen to me this year… idle questions, useless forebodings . I know only one thing: that today as yesterday, that tomorrow as today, that this year as last, God loves me, and he loves me as my heart yearns to be loved- no much more than I dare aspire to. I know that during this year as in the past I shall continue to live in the arms and in the heart of Jesus and he will rule over all things including each detail of my life designing all for my good and for my happiness.” (ibid)

I guess one point of this BLOG is to ask the Holy Spirit to help us ask good questions…questions that will be “profitable” to us, that will help us in living for Christ. Frivolous and idle questions don’t help; they can lead us down blind alleys into discouragement and despair and confusion. “Where are we going”? We don’t really know, but we do know who we’re going with… we’re going with the Lord. Wherever he leads, that’s where we’re going. And it’s going to be a good trip. 

So as Archbishop Martinez says, “I know that during this year as in the past I shall continue to live in the arms and in the heart of Jesus”. And that is very good news.

3 thoughts on ““Idle Questions”

  1. I used to ask, “Why are you doing/allowing this, Lord?” And dear friend taught me to ask, “What are you trying to teach me in this, Lord?” He almost always answers that question.

    And what a beautiful quote from Archbishop Luis. Will mull that one over…


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