“Some Serious Dancing”

I’ve never heard the words, “Dave, you are a magnificent dancer…. did you ever dance professionally…. is Fred Astair your father.” Even when dancing with my wonderful wife at a wedding reception, I often hear “you’re bouncing again…why are you bouncing……I’m not bouncing, I’m gliding.” Hmmmmmm. 

Today I read about the Lord telling Israel, “ I will restore you and you shall go forth dancing with the merrymakers, carrying your festive tambourines.”(Jer. 31:1-7) Something touched my spirit as I thought of that scene; the people were so happy that they danced with abandon ….. going out with tambourines, dancing with the merrymakers… exuberant and free.  

“Safe In The Arms Of Our Father”

As I pondered this a bit more I thought “what holds me back from that sort of joy and abandonment… a joy so complete and exuberant…. with no fear or anxiety or concerns or discouragements or regrets that somehow are weighing me down …. finally free. 

I love pictures of children laughing in the arms of their father…complete abandonment and security…. no concerns…. all is well. I guess heaven will be the place where we’re finally able to let go and fall into the arms of our heavenly father. There will be some serious dancing on that day… with plenty of “bouncing”. I look forward to that day for all of us. 

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