“Pondering The Things Of God”

Often as Judy and I are out driving, I’ll hear, “Oh, look at those beautiful clouds…. they look like wispy flowers… that one looks like oatmeal…. oh that one is fluffy like a marshmallow”. Each day the conversation is a bit different with different clouds and different descriptions. She often wonders about the person in charge of the clouds in heaven and hopes that one day she would be one of the assistants in designing the clouds….”I’d love to help with the clouds.” 

“Wow, Look At Those Clouds”

I try to add something pertinent…. “boy those are beautiful… that one looks like a duck bouncing a basketball.”  Of course, I’m often too busy directing traffic to be paying attention to clouds…” Hey BUB, slow it down…you going to a fire….. yikes I may have to make a citizen’s arrest, that guy is out of control… and look at BOZO over there in that truck…yikes.”  I feel a responsibility to keeping the traffic moving safely and efficiently. Judy usually does take a break from her cloud work to raise an eyebrow about my traffic comments. Hmmmmm.

If I’m honest I think Judy’s interests and observations are more in tune with the Holy Spirit than mine. She often observes the beauty of God’s creations… flowers, she always has wonderful thoughts on their beauty, their design, colors, times of blooming; she loves to work with them…she even loves to weed… she doesn’t like weeds. I’m amazed. She loves to comment about the wonderful features of new babies…. “that little one has Aunt Bonnie’s eyes…. he has your nose, Bird…. Those ears look like Charles Barkley’s ears…..” 

And one of her top activities is praying. She is always praying for this one and that one… certainly all of our kids and families, but also so many others… kids in trouble, priests, politicians, certainly the unborn. She prays through the day and even in the night.  

Judy doesn’t like it when I draw attention to her and what a holy woman she is, but sometimes I feel that I should. And it’s not just her….. we know so many holy people…we have so many holy friends. I think we live among saints…those who love the Lord with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. I could write a BLOG every day about another terrific and holy and kind and wonderful person I know. I’m serious. They’re not perfect, but they’re holy. And don’t we need that today. Don’t we need saints today!

Let’s join the little band of saints in our midst. God is calling all of us to be saints. Regardless of our spotty track record, it’s time to step up. We can do it. We can all become saints. The Lord will help us. So, let’s all raise our heads into the clouds and ponder the wonders of the Lord.

3 thoughts on ““Pondering The Things Of God”

  1. God is sooo good ! He could have made everything black and white and it would have worked. All the colors show the awesome beauty of God! And Bird you are so handsome😁☁️


    1. Appreciate your spiritual humor, Dave and your awe of Gods creation, Judy.

      It was fun these past days saying that the children take in nature and God‘s wonderful design through details of a flower, a tug of a sunny on the end of their pole and even a conversation about the impressiveness of weed design, literally! Weeds are overcomers. God‘s handiwork is simply amazing.


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