“Will Iron Oxides Make Me Happy?”

Originally Posted March 8, 2021

I usually remember to pray when I’m working on a new BLOG. What does the Lord want me to write …. something serious, something deep, something funny or witty ?

Who is the audience… kids and grandkids… friends…. people I don’t know ?!? When I mix it all together, it gets a bit confusing…. looking to be “all things to all people”….. hmmmmmm. 

“Iron Oxide Pigments”

Many years ago I sold “iron oxide pigments”, which are used to “color” paints, plastics, concrete, etc.  The actual colors are often described as earth tones….“barn reds, browns, yellows ….  muted colors like you see in the canyons of Utah and Arizona. 

One thing I remember is if you take a lot of different colors (reds, yellow, green, black, etc.) and mix them together you generally end up with an ugly brown color, a camouflage type color. Trying to get a precise color by mixing everything together usually doesn’t work. In the same way, trying to be all things to all people doesn’t work …..  usually no one is happy and you get an ugly color. 

I think it’s the same thing with writing a BLOG. Okay Mr. Genius, is there a point here? Be patient, I think there is. Ready ? Well, there are certain rules that you can’t ignore in “Colors”, in “BLOGS”, in “Life”. 

If you want a certain color, you need to mix the right ones together.  “ROY G BIV” is the acronym for red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet”… the colors of the rainbow. 

There are rules to follow. 

  • In Colors, if you want an orange color, mix red + yellow; if you want green, mix yellow + blue….. 
  • In life, if you want happiness, mix God’s will + your obedience to his will.
  • If you want an effective BLOG, uuuuggggghhhhhh….. not sure what the rules are.

Okay, let’s wrap this “Rembrandt” up with a profound ending. Ready ???

In light of eternity, it doesn’t really matter if this particular BLOG is a “homerun or a dud”. No one is going to one day stand in judgement before God and say, “you know Lord, when I read Dave’s BLOG about iron oxide pigments, my life did a 180 degree turn…I went from being “a bum to being a saint”. But, maybe you’ll remember the St. Paul Micci quote as he was being martyred in Nagasaki … “Ask Jesus to make you happy”. And if you ask Jesus to make you happy, he will.  And, all saints are happy. So, that’s not a bad ending to a BLOG. Is everyone happy ?

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