“Worry Less And Love More”

I was preparing for confession recently, examining my conscience, trying to take full advantage of this wonderful sacrament. I had some of my too predictable laundry list of sins to confess; I probably should just just asked Judy to make a tape recording for me. But, what then came to my mind was the phrase, “ Dave, you  need to worry less and love more”…. hmmmmmmmm…. “worry less and love more”.

“Why Are You Worrying”

As I thought about it, it does seem that love and worry shares the same space. When I love more, I worry less and visa versa. Worry really causes me to focus on myself, on the negatives in the world. Love causes me to stop thinking about myself. 

I just finished the book, “The Day Is far Spent” by Robert Cardinal Sarah. It took me 2 Years and 5 months to complete. There is no “fluff” in this book; I’ve underlined about 80% of the content. After the Cardinal has lain out the crisis in our culture today and the very troubling prognosis, he ends the book by commenting on the passage from Luke 24:13-32, the road to Emmaus. This gave me hope. 

“We are like the disciples. After the crucifixion, they no long understand. Their faith is eroded. Sadness overcomes them. They think that everything is lost. We too see the world handed over to the greed of the powerful. The Church seems to be overcome by the spirit of atheism. Now some shepherds are even abandoning their sheep. The sheepfold is devastated. We too like the disciples flee the city, disappointed, desperate, and set out for Emmaus, toward nothingness. Ahead lies a road that seems to lead nowhere. We walk without understanding and without knowing where to go. Only the wind comes to mock our bitterness. Nevertheless, here is a man walking with us. He says what are you talking about … we tell him of our sadness, our anguish, our disappointment. Then he speaks again and reproaches us for our lack of faith…. oh foolish men, slow of heart.. he explains the scriptures…his words strengthens us , he rekindles our faith. Our solitude is suddenly broken by the strength of his certitude and the kind benevolence of his glance. Our courage is revived and we beg him …Lord our hearts burn within us when you speak to us …STAY WITH US LORD, FOR IT IS TOWARD EVENING AND THE DAY IS NOW FAR SPENT.” (“The Day Is Far Spent, by Robert Cardinal Sarah, What Must We Do”, Page 339)

So the answer to “loving more and worrying less” is to walk with the Lord and allow him  to revive our courage. Stay with us Lord….. as long as you’re with us, all will be well. No problem matters if we are with you. You are the LORD ! Stay with us Lord…don’t leave us.  We need to receive your love and experience your kind benevolence and powerful loving glance. Then we will love more and worry will flee. 

During this great Easter season…during this Octave of Easter… this week of Easter Sundays, let’s walk with the Lord and listen to him. And our hearts will burn within us and all will be well with our souls.

3 thoughts on ““Worry Less And Love More”

  1. Such amazing merciful truth!
    Stay with us Lord and we will stay with you. Give us grace not to turn away at any moment in our day🙏


  2. Love this perspective! This is along the lines of one of my favorite quotes from Padre Pio: “Pray, hope and don’t worry.” Thank you (as always) for your wonderful blog. God bless you.


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