“We’re Still Bopping Around”

Originally Posted Feb. 25, 2021

I was talking to my wife Judy about the future of the BLOG and she suggested I tell some “light hearted” stories about “hearing aids”. I personally thought that was a bit insensitive, since I just bought new hearing aids and my stories are not all that “light hearted”. On the way home from the Hearing Aid Center today, Judy stated that “ Bob is turning 50”… I tried to figure out who in the world “Bob is that’s turning 50”…after a bit, I said with some exasperation…”who is Bob that’s turning 50?”…. she “chuckled” and said “ the weather in the next few days is going to be in the 50’s”….not Bob turning 50. Hmmmmmm…… so much for my new hearing aids. 

Well, I did buy some new hearing aids and was pretty vocal about all the features …… “I can answer my phone directly into my hearing aids. I can also stream music or podcasts directly from my phone into my hearing aids”. To be honest, I was feeling pretty cool. I could hear the comments, “hey, that guy is cool…he’s dancing away with no music”. I could also use my new app to increase my hearing of TV shows so I didn’t have to just read the subtitles. And there’s much more.

Well after the big splash, I found out today that one of the pair is not working properly and it will be 2 weeks before the replacement arrives…that’s not “cool”. So, Im back with my questionable hearing…”Bob’s turning 50” and “what did you say…I can’t hear you….”. 

I guess in all of this, I’m slowly realizing that I’m getting older. After I square away my hearing issues, I’ll be scheduling an appointment to get cataract surgery. I’m also noticing that my left knee is acting up a bit…..oh, boy, I’ll try to ignore it as long as I can. To top it off, the other day I asked Judy if I should keep taking “handsome pills”…… after a pause, she said, “I’d keep taking them a little longer”….. hmmmm, what is she trying to tell me.  

While I feel that I still have a lot left in the tank, I also know that my days of setting records have come to an end…. no one is picking me first for the pickup basketball game….in truth  no one is picking me at all. 

Yet I’m pretty happy and content where I find myself. Judy and I walk everyday. I’m pretty active and am able to interact with family and friends. I’m able to reach out to those in need and help out a bit. We have our regular prayer including getting out to Mass. In fact, I’m pretty busy and often the hours of the day run out before my list of things to do. God is so good to me. So, even stumbling around  looking for hearing aids is quite a bit of fun. I can sense the Lord smiling as he sees us bopping around. I’m very grateful to the Lord for an incredible life…so many blessings. So, as we get thrown a few curve balls here and there, may we continue to smile and love, knowing that “all will be well with my soul”.

2 thoughts on ““We’re Still Bopping Around”

  1. In a recent presentation to seniors Mike Shaughnessy reinforced the importance of being a positive example to our grandchildren and our adult children as we live through the obstacles and normal aging issues. They are watching.


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