“We Need Leaders”

Originally Posted Jan. 28, 2021

Despite 6’3” Donald Trump losing to 5’11’ Joe Biden, of the last 20 elected presidents of the United States, 75% of the time the taller person wins. Abraham Lincoln was 6’4” and a foot taller than his opponent Stephen Douglas in the 1860 election….. yikes. Are leaders generally taller than those around them? I saw one study that said CEO’s of companies are generally taller than the average…. hmmm. Is there any hope for the short guy anymore? I did read that Jesus was around 5’ 1”. Well, I won’t die for any of these conclusions. 

General George Patton

What I do know is that short or tall, we need real leaders today. What makes a good leader? It is said that a  great leader possesses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus. That’s not a bad list. Let’s simplify thigs….. “ a leader is somebody whom people follow … a  leader has authority. Because people follow a leader, the leader can make people do things. A leader can therefore make people work together towards a common goal.”

Where are the leaders of today? Today there are many vying for leadership. They may have good ideas and some of the attributes of a leader…yet, people won’t follow. What’s missing? Well in my opinion a real leader is completely sold out to the mission at hand. He’s willing to pay any price. “When the going gets tough the tough (the leader) gets going.” A leader is able to “turn the tide” when things aren’t going well. A leader is able to encourage those following…to help them keep their heads up. People want to follow a real leader. A leader is able to inspire and energize.

 It’s one thing to lead a cause of minor importance, that doesn’t require much commitment by those following, but it’s quite another to effectively lead a mission that is going to “cost” those who follow. Can I trust this leader…will he be there when things get tough, or will he disappear?

Well, this may all be interesting (or not), but what is the point of all this? The point is that we are desperate for real leaders today. We need real leadership! We need leadership in our government. We need leadership in our church. We need leadership in our businesses. We need leadership in our families. We need old leaders and we need young leaders. We have plenty of “Monday morning quarterbacks” who can say what should have been done yesterday. We have plenty of “doom and gloomers” who can point out that everything is going to “hell in a handbasket”. But we need leaders who are willing to lay down their life for the goal and for those who follow. Jesus says “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep”. (John 10:11) 

Many of us are called to lead in our sphere of influence…maybe not at the highest level….but where we live our life. At the same time, most of us are called to help other leaders with our prayer and support. There’s some truth to the famous quote “lead, follow, or get out of the way”. May the Holy Spirit raise up good and holy leaders in the various areas of life… in the church, in the government, in our families …… and may all of us pray for and support them. Come Holy Spirit.

One thought on ““We Need Leaders”

  1. Praying for the conversion of all our country’s leaders and their followers so that they allow Jesus to lead them. Thanks Bird for leading our family even though now you lead more by example rather than direction🙌🏻🙏⚓️


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