“Let’s Not Settle For 15 Minutes of Fame”

I recently watched a news report that told the story of “how a good Christian man had been the casualty of  a recent Woke attack…. a few arrogant people with a “following on social media” had been able to ruin his reputation and even cost him his job”. It was just evil… and it seemed that evil had won the day. 

15 Minutes Goes Quickly

It’s said that we all get our “15 minutes of fame” …. our 15 minutes in the limelight…. short-lived media publicity as a celebrity. Sometimes it may last for more than 15 minutes… some people’s fame last for years, but in light of eternity it’s still just 15 minutes. 

Evil also gets it’s “15 minutes” of fame. Sometimes it seems that evil has won the day, that it is now permanent, that it has won out against the truth and against the righteous…. that goodness and truth have lost. But no, it’s just 15 minutes… it’s fleeting …. it’s passing away. When it’s all said and done, it won’t even be a footnote to history. God’s truth will live forever …. for all eternity. Evil will disappear.

“The unbeliever denies the authentic interpretation of the truth of Christ and his saving reality, and substitutes one of his own, and by its novelty it may win a short and ephemeral applause. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the unbeliever is always fighting  a losing battle. His theory never endures.” (ref. Fr. Martin Cyril D’Arcy Magnificat, 2-14-22)

So, let’s not get too bummed out when the latest “evil fad” is garnering applause in the courts of the “rich and famous”. It may last for awhile…. perhaps even for the rest of our life, but it is like a flower in the field…once the sun begins to shine, it will wilt and wither. 

I just watched the funeral mass of a good friend and holy man of God…Bruce Yocum. Bruce gave his life to Christ and fought for the Lord’s truth for the last 50+ years. He was a source of strength to many. Bruce is not receiving “15 minutes of fame”. Because he was faithful to his God, he is receiving an eternity of fame as a friend of God. “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his holy ones.” (Ps. 116:15) 

So, be at peace when evil seems to be winning …. remember that it is passing away. Let’s put all our hope and trust and life in the hands of the Lord…. and all will be well with our souls… and we will live forever with God. 

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