Another Update

Well I’m still battling the effects of Covid . I feel “fairly okay” but my dry hacking cough, bit of fatigue and occasional temperature keeps me on my heals. I’m hoping to be out on the road in a few days…it has been a couple of weeks of being “homebound”. I’m trying to talk with the doctor today.

Judy has been wonderful … taking care of me, being very kind, handling the chores around the house…. she is wonderful. I feel like she is “soaring into the heavenliness”, while I’m groveling in the ditch. She doesn’t like me to say these things and “rolls her eyes when I do say them.” I do feel a bit like St. Joseph must have felt. Jesus was perfect, Mary was perfect…and Joseph was “less than perfect”. Jesus and Mary were soaring in the heavenliness and Joseph was taking care of the day to day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no St. Joseph, but I think you may know what I mean.

Well, in all the nagging hassles of life, we need to rely on the Lord. It is very clear that the Lord is the source of our strength. Without his grace and kindness and forgiveness, things do not go well. I feel very inadequate… I am inadequate. Christ is my hope. I find myself crying out “Jesus, help me…help me…forgive me…save me.” On my own strength, I just don’t do very well. It hasn’t been easy to pray.

So, let’s pray for one another. So many people are suffering. I’m trying to offer up my measly suffering for those who are really suffering. Jesus help them.

In the meantime, I will try to toss in a few new BLOGS and an occasional one from the past. I’m hoping to be back on track pretty soon. Oh, by the way, this may be my number 600th BLOG. (a few are “retreads”, but still, not bad.) God bless and keep you… and remember “with Christ, all will be well with our soul”.

3 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. Dad!!! 600!! That’s a huge accomplishment!

    As I’m looking at things, I see that the a life of faith doesn’t consist of “doing/handling it right” or “being in the right place at the right time”.

    A life of faith is knowing how much we need our Savior. And the days filled with “Help me Jesus!” are perhaps more precious to him than the good days. He knows what those days feel like too.

    Being on your knees (or flat on your back sometimes) is a good place to be before God.

    I love you. Hang in there. ❤️


  2. You’ve been a good patient—lots of singing when the going gets tough. It lightens the darkness that Covid seems to bring. God’s mercy keeps breaking thru with sunshine and others reaching out. As Drew Mariani says on Relevant Radio, “we have to keep offering up our suffering”
    It helps someone else🙌🏻


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