“Hello Stranger”

“Well, hello stranger”. In the past, if you hadn’t been around to visit my mother, you would often hear the greeting….”hello stranger, where have you been”. In case you haven’t noticed, the BLOG has been absent for awhile. Part of the absence was by design, and part because of the Covid demon. So, as the BLOG enters the room, feel free to shout out, “hello stranger”.

“Don’t Give Up Hope”

Judy and I have been fighting Covid and its effects for the last few weeks. After testing positive on November 29th, followed by quarantine, antibody infusions, etc. we felt pretty good and ready to roll. Nevertheless, the Tuesday after Christmas , Dec. 28th, I found myself with a fever, sore throat, and other symptoms. So for the last 10 days, we have been holed up fighting off the nagging symptoms. Is it a continuation of the original infection of late November or a new infection ?!?!? Many opinions, but no one really knows.

In addition to the varied physical symptoms with Covid, it’s reported that some experience negative psychological effects including confusion, anger, frustration, boredom and depression….. Is all of this from Covid or from the isolation due to Covid….hmmmmmmm. To be honest, I have found myself feeling a bit isolated. I’ve received wonderful care from family and especially Judy, yet I don’t feel very connected and I don’t feel  “I have much to add to the conversation”. 

Today Dr. Judy ( my analyst) said, “why don’t you take a nice hot shower”. Well, I did and I have to say I feel a bit better and decided to take a shot at the BLOG. So far, there’s not much to this BLOG, but you never know.

So many people are suffering…family and friends with sicknesses and problems and even death of loved ones. While I try to minimize the news, it still seeps in and I’m so troubled by not hearing a clear presentation of the truth. I feel very inadequate in helping to fix anything. “Wringing my hands doesn’t help much…casting stones doesn’t heal anything.” 

Only Christ brings the solution of mercy and hope. Only his love brings a healing salve to my soul. We’re all guilty. Only in Christ can we find peace. 

So, if you find yourself searching for answers, whether Covid related or not, Jesus is our only answer. We must cry out to the Lord for help in our time of need. “Jesus help me… I’m lost, Jesus help me”. 

Jesus is our hope. Our hope is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Let’s keep our eyes on the Lord and “all will be well with our souls”.

5 thoughts on ““Hello Stranger”

  1. Just repeating the name Jesus is balm to the soul.
    It’s a time of silence in our home right now. Time to reboot for the battle ahead. A lot of friends have gone home to the kingdom. They are praying for us as we pray for them🙌🏻


  2. Annie taught me a new prayer, “Jesus, I surrender this to you. It’s in your hands.”

    I find that in days of constant struggle, that it is indeed the name of Jesus is what gets me though the day.


  3. My constant source of relief in these times of self isolation due to COVID and another health problem is taking God’s word to heart. I have a coffee mug with a Scripture that I try to read 2-3 times a morning with each cup of coffee. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) The truth helps set me free!


  4. This was really relatable ! We miss you Dad! It made my dad to see the BLOG back in the inbox again. Dr Judy usually is right 😄


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