Only “Tough Cookies” Know How To Celebrate

Originally Posted December 26, 2020

Hey, Christmas is not over at midnight on December 25th.… we’ve got a lot of time to celebrate. 

Some say we should celebrate the “12 days of Christmas” which would take us to the feast of the Epiphany on January 5th. Actually the Church celebrates from December 25th until the Baptism of the Lord, on January 10th. Others say  no it’s goes for 40 days after Christmas until the Presentation of the Lord, on February 2nd. Wow, regardless of where it ends, we have a goodly time to celebrate…from 12 days to 40 days.

“Savor This Great Season Of Christmas”

So, we need to actively celebrate this great feast in the Church. Let’s not slip into the “January Doldrums” or the “Covid Crazies”. 

Let’s keep reminding one another that it’s Christmas ! You have to be a “tough cookie” to celebrate !!! 

To celebrate we need to “not complain”, to not say I’m tired of the rich food and the delicious wine. We need to aggressively be kind and patient and not allow weariness to overwhelm us; we need to keep smiling. And most of all we need to pray everyday and ask the Lord to give us grateful hearts. Lord give us gratitude for your incredible love for us in coming to the earth… thank you for your mercy and kindness. And Lord thank you for my family and friends and our country and our church. Lord thank you for every gift I received and help me to express my thanks to the person who gave it to me. 

And if one of us gets a “little crabby”, let’s pray for them and ask God to help them. Remember, “no crabs allowed at the Christmas celebration.” 

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