“ Our Ticket Has Been Paid In Full ”

It’s often said that how we perceive God the Father is affected by how we have experienced our earthly father. If we had a good relationship with our earthly father, then it will be easier to have a good relationship with our father in heaven… and visa versa. I do believe that is true. If our earthly father took care of us, watched out for us, made a place for us, provided a home and security for us; if we trusted our earthly father, it is generally easier to trust our heavenly father, to trust him to care for us. 

“Welcome Aboard”

Corrie Ten Boom related the story from her book the “Hiding Place” where she was expressing fear about dying; would she be able to handle it, would God help her… she was nervous, especially because of the Nazis arresting and killing people. Her father asked her when does she receives her ticket when traveling on a train; she  answered “you give it to me when I’m ready to board”. He said in the same way when you need the grace at the time of death, God the Father will be there to give you all you need. She trusted that her father would give her all she needed when she needed it. 

In a good family, a child trusts his father to take care of him. He doesn’t worry every day if there will be food, a place to live, that he will be cared for. He knows his dad will take care of things. Relax, nothing to worry about…enjoy your life.

How much more should we trust our heavenly father to take care of us in our earthly life and to care for our “train ride “ into eternal life, into heaven. Certainly we should diligently work to do what he tells us now in order to be ready, but fundamentally our destiny rests with him. He loves us and has made all the necessary arrangements. Jesus has purchased our ticket by his death and resurrection…paid in full.

So, especially during this time of Advent before we celebrate the birth of our beloved savior, let’s focus on gratitude…on thanking God for caring for us, for taking care of all our needs, for making all the arrangements for a wonderful life on earth and eternal life one day in heaven. Wow, that is the best of news…very good news. 

3 thoughts on ““ Our Ticket Has Been Paid In Full ”

  1. I count on that. Mother Mary, during this time of travel to Bethelem, reminds us of how our Heavenly Father will take care of us with Joseph protecting 🙌🏻


  2. I definitely have seen and experienced God through the lens of my relationship with you, Dad. Thank you for being that for me.


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