“Let’s Use This Time Well”

Our household has been fighting the “Covid Demon” and I feel a bit like we’re back in the “Twilight Zone”. Several in our household contracted it.  Judy and Jon’s wife Joy had  pretty tough cases but are fortunately on the mend; my case was more mild.

I find being quarantined becomes somewhat surreal…. like the Twilight Zone. The days pass pretty quickly and I don’t seem to accomplish anything. By the time I’m up, take prayer, do a few things, it’s time for bed. We’ve received a lot of care from our kids and friends, meals, and lots of prayers…. very blessed.

I’m actually working on this BLOG at 3:00am, in the morning. I went to bed and woke up after a couple of hours, so I decided to get up and take some prayer, write some e-mails and give a shot at this BLOG. At this “point” it doesn’t seem to have any “point”….. hmmmmmm.

We’re into Advent and before you know it, it will be Christmas. Judy is working on Christmas cards and presents for the family and friends. I’m looking out the window.  

I think I’m still a bit shell shocked over the many friends who have passed away in the recent months. Today as I received an “infusion of antibodies” at the local hospital as part of a Covid treatment, I was reflecting on my friend Paul and the many days I took him to get chemotherapy…. “sitting in a chair with a tube in his arm”. Well, he’s no longer suffering thru chemotherapy, he’s gone home to God. I miss him and other good friends who have passed.  

When you get older you sometimes think of standing in line waiting to get called home. You think of the eldest being in the front. Yet sometimes younger ones “jump the line”…they’re not suppose to die yet, but they do. Regardless, all of us are moving along toward the front. Boy, this is really a cheerful BLOG….. any more gloomy news? 

Well, the truth is the truth. At some point each of us will be called home to God. Now is the time to get ready. We should be living this life with joy regardless of the challenges and suffering. In his mercy, God gives us time to prepare, to get our house in order.  Let’s use this time well. 

So, as we read in the 12th chapter of Hebrews, “Lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees.” (Hebrews 12:12) Now is not the time to put our head down and quit…now is the time to keep moving. With Christ on our side, who can be against us…. all will be well with our soul. And this is very good news. 

Yikes, time to go to bed. 

3 thoughts on ““Let’s Use This Time Well”

  1. I don’t think it’s gloomy at all; I think retrospection and examining our hearts is so good for us. It’s hard to process everything when it happens, ask when is happens so fast.

    I want to keep slowing down and really looking at the big picture instead of getting caught up in the stresses of every day.

    Thanks for writing, Dad. I look forward to it every day.


  2. You know how to slow down and take the needed time to process and remember the memories.
    Loosing 5 friends in 5 months is overwhelming.
    Thanks for being who you are dear husband❤️


  3. You are such a loving and compassionate person that it’s makes sense that the pain of loss hits hard. Praying for you and Judy and Colleen and everyone else struck with this horrible sickness.


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