“Who Do You Trust”

I remember watching an afternoon TV show back in the late ‘50’s called “Who Do You Trust”….. “do you trust yourself or your wife to answer a question“. It was actually pretty entertaining with Johnny Carson hosting… this was before he went on to be the star of the “Late Show” for 30 years. I think we could use a show like that today where you put two authorities up and ask “who do you trust”. Unfortunately you might answer  NEITHER… I don’t trust either of them.

Johnny Carson

It seems that today we are constantly presented with two (or more) positions on every topic. Each side doesn’t give the other “any quarter”. The argument quickly goes from the facts to disparaging the opponent….. “your mother wears combat boots… oh yeah, well you have very bad breath…”.

Unfortunately, no one can agree on the basic principles underlying the argument. Often it’s “my wise and well thought out opinion vs your biased and idiotic opinion”. It’s rare that you ever hear someone acknowledge the other’s statement as having any value. 

To argue used to mean “seeking the truth”.  In all of this the TRUTH should be the arbiter of every discussion… “what is the truth” should determine “who do you trust”. God’s word should always be the judge of who’s right and who we should trust. 

Unfortunately, the truth is often hard to find…while opinions are abundant. Too often whoever has the money and the microphone and the votes has the prevailing opinion. Wooooo, what to do?

I think there are several things we can do, but let me mention just one. Let’s pray that God’s opponents find the truth. Christianity has a history of liars and cheats and murderers changing their mind, turning from their lies and turning to God. 

Dr. Bernard Nathason was the most notorious abortionist around.. co-founder of NARAL (National Abortionist Rights League)… a big help in passing  Roe V Wade.  In his own words he admitted, “I presided over 60,000 deaths (abortions), helping to usher in the most atrocious holocaust in the history of the United States.” Well, Nathason did a 180 degree turn…becoming convinced that abortion was murder, and producing the movie “Silent Scream” documenting what actually happens in an abortion. In 1996 Nathason was baptized into the Catholic Church by Cardinal John O’Connor of New York. He worked tirelessly for the unborn until his death in 2011. 

So in addition to speaking the truth in love, let’s pray for those who oppose the truth. Let’s pray for them.  Let’s show kindness when we have opportunities. If an opponent speaks of something that you can agree with, tell them, thank them, give them a thumbs up. Who knows, maybe one day that person may be the next Saul of Tarsus or the next Bernard Nathason.

So, who do we trust? We trust God and we know that his truth will be the LAST WORD. And that is very good news.

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