St. Albert — A Great Teacher

Today is the feast day of St. Albert. I don’t know much about Albert. I read that he was a very learned and holy man. He is quoted as saying, “ the greater and more persistent your confidence in God, the more abundantly you will receive all that you asked.” Those words are worth pondering. Am I confident in God, in his love for me and his constant care for me? Do I believe he has his hand on me, working to make me into the man of God he’s always planned? St. Albert says that if I am confident, then I’m going to receive abundantly from the Lord. 

Albert was also the teacher of a young friar by the name of Thomas…. later referred to as St. Thomas Aquinas. I wonder if Albert knew that this Thomas was going to be Thomas Aquinas…. perhaps the most brilliant doctor of the church. I wonder if he thought, “boy this young friar has a good head on his shoulders … we should pay attention to him and help him develop. ” Maybe he did. Regardless, he apparently cared for and taught him with all his strength.

Well, we may not be another St. Albert and we may not have another St. Thomas Aquinas under our care, but you never know. There may be younger men and women, perhaps our own children, who God has great plans for and expects us to help prepare for their future. Our example and words may be vitally important for their development.  When our children are in diapers or unruly teens or semi-confused young adults, they may not seem like another St. Thomas….but you never know. Many of the saints had a tough beginning and didn’t act like saints. We need to live our life in Christ fully and be open to helping those around us, and you never know what might develop. Maybe little “Tommy Trouble Maker” one day becomes St. Thomas. 

So, St. Albert we ask you to pray for us that we might live holy lives and teach those around us to give all to the Lord. You never know how all this will work out. 

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