November is the month of All Saints and All Souls in the church. Our focus is on life after death. Recent BLOGS have been pointed toward this reality…pretty serious stuff. I feel like we need to take a little break and  “lighten things up a bit”. 


Let’s search for a topic that is a bit more light hearted. Hmmmm, let’s see what we can talk about. Let’s not bring up any problems or trials. Okay, that rules out quite a bit. Okay, let’s see. How about the economy….no, not good. How about politics…always a topic to bring a lot of peace and hope…no, not good. Okay, think, think. Oh, let’s talk about Sports, always a nice diversion…. “how bout them Giants and Jets”… no, not good. Think, think…..

I think we need to move from the “macro to the micro”, from the “30,000’ level to the 2’ level”. Life is lived out in the day to day in our family and with our friends and co-workers. What can we focus on in this arena? Well, there’s a lot… this is where the saints operate. This is where acts of love and kindness play out. 

I’ve been in contact with several saints in the last few days and weeks. I’ve talked to friends who have suffered the loss of loved ones recently and they have their eyes fixed on heaven with joy in their hearts; they build me up. I’ve seen others who are spending their lives helping unwed mothers who have no place to turn. I know others who are helping the poor on the ground in other countries, others who are bringing the gospel to university campuses, others are using their “time and treasure” to teach our youth about God. I know mothers and grandmothers who lay down their lives day in and day out to care for their families and find time to help others in need with meals and service. I know many who despite all kinds of health challenges and financial woes and spiritual challenges continue to live for the Lord… bringing Christ into the work place, into hospitals, into shops. I know many people who get up early every day to pray, to honor God, to offer their lives to him…daily. It goes on and on and on.

This is what should be on the front page of the papers. You and your story should be front page news. And you know what, it is front page news in the “Heavenly Times”. 

“EXTRA,EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT …. Young mother is up all night caring for her sick child……

EXTRA,EXTRA…. Family uses vacation fund to give to a family devastated by loss of work….

EXTRA, EXTRA, holy man, fights off temptation heroically, thru fasting and prayer. 

EXTRA,EXTRA, couple is open to life and are welcoming a new baby into their family despite many obstacles….

EXTRA,EXTRA, wife cares for husband battling dementia, all heaven is praying and cheering her on….

EXTRA, EXTRA, parents continue to pray and help their son who is battling addiction…..

Saints are out on the battle field winning victories against major odds and all of heaven is cheering them on. This is the good news. It’s happening right under our noses. It’s happening in our homes and with our friends and neighbors. Therefore, let’s lift up our drooping hands and strengthen our weak knees… let’s rejoice that with the grace of God miracles are happening all around us. And this is really good news. 

3 thoughts on ““EXTRA, EXTRA … GOOD NEWS !!!”

  1. Life is a battle between principalities and powers, against the world, and the flesh but it’s an adventure when we can’t wait to see how our God will be victorious in these battles everyday! I’m sure part of our time in heaven will be cheering on those on earth🙌🏻👏⚓️➕🎶


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