“Tummy Ache Blues”

Originally Posted July 16, 2020

We do a lot of celebrating in our family. We celebrate birthdays, Baptismal days, anniversaries, graduations, and of course the holy days and holidays. With our large family, it’s a challenge to come up with meaningful but economical gifts. Judy is the steward of the gift giving and almost always comes up with great ideas. We do like to spend time with everyone and try to schedule meals out when possible… not always easy with everyone’s schedule. 

Well, today we were able to catch up with two of our grandsons and took them to mass and to breakfast for their baptismal days. I know I enjoyed myself. It began with being late for 8:00am mass. I had to enlist some of my famous tricks to get us there “on time”. I brought in the famous “Lightening Man”… a wonder worker who is able to cut crucial seconds off a trip. (In the past, when we had guests from Mexico living with us, we would use the Spanish name…”Lightino Hombre”) Anyway, we made it almost on time, despite Judy having “knots in her stomach” from the ride. 


After Mass, we were off to the diner (outside seating with “social distancing”). The boys, going into 5thand 8th grade, ordered a 50 pound combination of eggs, pancakes, home fries, chocolate milk… but they ate it all. Judy and I were a little more discreet with the Mexican Omelet and as short stack of pancakes with a couple of eggs, bacon. It was great… delicious food, piping hot coffee, and a good review of their vacations. I have to say, my stomach was very full as we began our trip home. But even then, it was an opportunity to pass on some more Touhill Loir” to our grandsons. Yes, you probably guessed it, Judy and I sang another original, 

The Treble Clef: An Overview | Hello Music Theory “The Tummy Ache Blues”. It goes like this…. Judy singing background of “blues, blues, blues, blues”.. I come in with the melody of “I’ve got those tummy ache bluuuuues” (Judy in background), I’ve got those tummy ache bluuuuues (background), I’ve got those bluuuues (background)…those bluuuuues (background). I think you’ve got the idea. I offered the kids a cd with full instruments. But they must have not heard me since they didn’t answer.

Well, the event ended with Gramma playing “Hollywood Rummy” with them for an hour or so. Gramma loves cards and is really not that competitive … the “sighing and groaning and gnashing of teeth” when her cards are not good, is not a sign of being competitive. 

Well, we ended the morning with a few chores and then off to the rest of their day. We really enjoy all of our grandchildren and love to be with them. We try to bring the Lord into our conversations and let them know that Jesus is number one in our life and that if they keep Jesus first, “all will be well with their souls”.

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