“How Badly Do You Want It”

“There’s a big difference between saying you want something and wanting it bad enough to do something about it.”  How about this quote ….. “everybody wants to have an amazing job and financial independence — but not everyone wants to suffer through 60-hour work weeks, long commutes ….people want to be rich without the risk, without the sacrifice, without the delayed gratification necessary to accumulate wealth.” Hmmm, sounds right. You often hear motivational speakers says similar things. 

I was struck by the recent gospel reading about “Blind Bartimaeus” (Mark 10:46-52). Here’s a few of the details:

  • “the blind beggar sitting by the side of the road heard that Jesus was coming and he began to cry out “Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.”
  • The crowd told him to “shut up”… he cried out all the more, “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me.”
  • Jesus heard him and called him over….” He (Bart) threw aside his cloak, sprung up, and went to Jesus.
  •  Jesus asked him, “what do you want me to do for you?”
  • “Master, I want to see” !!!

Reading between the lines, you see that Bartimaeus was at the end of his rope. He had had enough. He was tired of this “crummy life”…blind and having to beg. He wasn’t going to listen any more to those who told him to be silent…’you’re a nobody, you don’t count, no one cares about you…shut up’.  St. Josemaria Escriva had some comments on this passage; he said, ”Our Lord who had heard him right from the beginning, let him persevere in his prayer. He does the same with you. Jesus hears our cries from the very first, but he waits. He wants us to be convinced that we need him….. and to persist, like the blind man”. (Magnificat, 10-24-21)

Why is that? Why does Jesus wait for us to be convinced of the importance of our request? Well, I’m not absolutely sure, but I do know he’s always trying to get our attention. A spoiled child asks for everything, but a good parent will not give his child everything, but only what he needs. 

God wants a relationship with us. He wants us to look him in the eye and tell him what’s really on our mind…what do we really want… what do we really need. Lord, I want to see !!!  Lord, I want to be holy !!! Lord, I want to be pleasing to you !!! Lord, I want to go to heaven and be with you for all eternity !!! And I’m ready to do all I need to do for that to happen. I’m ready to hear and obey. I’m ready to do the will of my father in heaven. I’m ready for you to be the Lord of my life. 

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Now we can finally get going. Now Jesus will call us over and look us in the eye and say, “David, what do you want… really David, “what do you want” Lord Jesus, I want to see ! I want to see you “high and lifted up”. Lord , I want to be holy. I want to give everything I have to you, for the sake of your kingdom. Now we’re talking. 

Our Lord is not some stoic figure wearing a business suit, that requires us to contact his secretary for an appointment. He’s ready now and he’s waiting for us to cry out, “Jesus help me…. Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.” So give it a try. 

And if you don’t hear him calling you over, then cry out all the more…”Jesus, help me”. And if you don’t hear him calling you over, then cry out again, all the louder. But at the right time, you will hear 

( your name ), what do you want me to do for you. And that is very good news.

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