“A Great Sendoff” 

I just had to fire one of our Vice Presidents … the VP in charge of scheduling. You probably picked up the blunder… yes a  major “faux pas”.

On the day of Paul Giegerich’s funeral mass, this person scheduled a BLOG entitled “Cleaning Out The Garage”. Are you serious….”Cleaning out the Garage”. Well, I can tell you right now that person has plenty of time to clean out their own garage, because they no longer have a big shot job on the BLOG. Out of Christian charity, I won’t tell you this person’s name.

Well, it’s a day late, but I want to say a few final words about our good friend and his funeral today. When my wife asked his wife Mary Alice about today, she said it was a glorious day, and it was. St. Vincent’s Church was jammed, the music was great, the eulogy was  perfect, and the homily was anointed. What a great send off for a wonderful man. The Church really knows how to usher holy men and women out of this world into the eternal world. 

I find that I often learn new things about good people at their funeral. I held Paul in high regard prior to the funeral and I knew him well, but I learned more. It’s like the church presents the person to us and its presentation has a clarity that you haven’t seen before. Paul was a greater man than I thought… and I thought he was a great man.

Well, in this final BLOG about the main character in the “Book Of Giegerich”, I just want to say that it was my privilege to know Paul Giegerich and be one of his many friends. May he rest in peace and may he pray for each of us as we pray for his soul, and may we all be together in heaven one day.

2 thoughts on ““A Great Sendoff” 

  1. Give the Blog janitor a break, Dad. He’s been through a lot.

    So good to kept reflecting on Mr. Giegerich’s life and appreciate him more and more.


  2. Fr Richard asked that we pray for Paul to be even more immersed in God’s mercy🙏 We want him to reach the highest place in heaven as possible🙏


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