“God Takes Care Of Us”

Originally Posted July 2, 2020

Lenny Castellaneta wrote “God watches out for children, drunks and fools. ” Actually I never heard of Lenny until today, but others have said similar things. Anyway however I qualify, I feel that God has been watching out for me. 

July 5, 1969

It was 1966 and a friend of mine at St. Louis University said “Judy Kaelin wants to invite you to their “Sadie Hawkins Dance”. (some of you may remember the  Lil Abner Comic Strip; they had a dance where the girl asks the boy out)  I wisely asked …”is she cute?” The answer was YES ….  so I picked her up for the party. She was immediately impressed with the “Electric Grape”… my ’55 Chevy…purple and white, snow tires on the front, new floor mats, and a great heater. I had paid or really overpaid $85 for it. I immediately knew she was not after my money. 

I wish I could say that I was carefully following God’s wisdom and direction for all of this, but in truth I kind of got swept along. We loved being together. During our final couple of years at school, we would often meet for noon mass at the College Church and have lunch at Burger King. She would go with me to check on my fruit flies at the Genetics laboratory. She got to know my mother and they hit it off. I would travel to Louisville to meet her family over the holidays…it was a miracle that the “Grape” made it. (actually one time it almost didn’t make it…but that’s another story). I was impressed with her on many levels, she was smart and she was cute. She had character, she had faith…. and she seemed to like me. Fast forward a couple of years, and on July 5, 1969 we were married… just about 51 years ago. 

God had really been watching out for me. I was blessed to find this wonderful woman… actually the Lord found her for me. The key that made it all work was that in 1972 we both came into a deeper relationship with God thru the Baptism in the Holy Spirit… but that’s another story. 

I know that God has also been watching out for me. He’s also been watching out and taking care of you. Open your eyes and ask him to show you how he’s done that and to reveal the plan he has for your life. When the Lord is in control, great things happen. And that is very good news.

One thought on ““God Takes Care Of Us”

  1. God’s plan is so much bigger than we can imagine. When we put him first in our marriage, his plan unfolded quickly and we had confidence that he was guiding us. He has given us amazing unity and joy🙌🏻


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