A lots been going on lately. Three excellent friends have finished their race and have gone on to eternal life. I’ve spoken about wonderful Paul Giegerich, Jr. (aka “Bone”). But I’ve not had a chance to speak about the wonderful lives of Julian Riedler and Randy Knob…which I hope to do in the coming days. On a much happier note, our dear eldest granddaughter Rachel was married this past Saturday to a great guy (JP) …it was a wonderful day…worth speaking about…. that’s also is to come. 

In the midst of this, I had an accident on Friday evening. I fell out of bed in the midst of some sort of nightmare. Actually, I felt I was “propelled” out of a deep sleep onto our night table and suffered some badly bruised ribs and other minor cuts and bruises. After a CAT Scan of my head and chest, I was released from Morristown Emergency with some pain meds. I hope to be fine once the ribs feel a bit less tender.

With that in mind, I’m going to take a break from the BLOG for a bit. Hopefully, “absence will make the heart grow fonder”, and we’ll be happy to get back together soon. If I’m able, I may intersperse a few BLOGS from last year…but maybe not.

In the meantime, may the Lord keep us in the palm of his hand. And remember, with our lives lived in Christ, all will be well with our souls.

5 thoughts on ““BLOG UPDATE”

  1. Dave you keep “fighting the good fight”‘ You are always a “winner” in Our Lord’s eyes, even when you take a break.


  2. God bless you, Dave. I hadn’t heard a word about it. Claire and I will keep praying for you. Love you, Brother!


  3. Dave: remember, it’s not the fall that gets us, it’s the landing! Praying you are on the mend. I will miss the blog, but I’m extremely grateful for our friendship in the Lord. Peace dear brother and friend.


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