“Another Birthday”

Well it’s August 23rd.. my birthday and the feast of St. Rose of Lima. I’m 75 years old. On one hand I can’t believe it… wow 75…. that’s pretty old. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem “thaaaat” old. I have a number of friends who are older than me… they think I’m a “spring chicken”. Nevertheless, 75 is not the new 35…it’s not even the new 50 or new 60. Hmmmmmm. So, what’s the word on my birthday? Here’s a few thoughts.

Time is fleeting. Recently some of my good friends have died or are seriously ill. I’ve spoken about my good friend “Bone” who died. I was just shocked to hear  of my friend Julien who died suddenly…a real shock. And then I just heard of my good friend Randy who has terminal cancer. And I have other friends who have serious illnesses. Wow, time is fleeting. Life as I know it is dimming. I’m saddened by all of this. I know “it’s life”, but I don’t like it. I love and miss those who are passing. Yet, I certainly have hope to see them again one day in heaven. As the great philosopher Joe Louis said, “everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die”. So time is fleeting and I need to use the precious time left to me in a careful manner. 

The other thought that hits me is that “reality is not up for a vote”. We don’t get together and decide how reality works … how things on earth work…. how life after death works. God is God and He decides. Sometimes I discuss things with God as if somehow I have a vote, or that we are co-deciders of the universe…that we both bring things to the table. “What do you think Dave? First, let’s go over your resume, your credentials… what have you created Dave …. hmmmmm, very good…. yes, I remember when you built those stables in your workshop…very nice…..oh, and when you taught science…very interesting approach to the universe.” Okay Dave, let me just throw out one item on my resume, “I am the creator of all that is visible and invisible”. Let’s leave it at that for now.  

I admit that this should be obvious to all of us, but I too often debate with God as if I’m his peer…. as if I have a vote…as if I can change reality if I don’t like it. When I discover God’s truth thru his holy word and the true interpretation of the church, I should humble myself and embrace it. It’s the truth now and for all eternity. My opinion won’t change it. 

So, those are my birthday thoughts… savor the time we have left, using it well, and not wasting it. And let’s seek out God’s will, using all our strength to humble ourselves before it.  And if we do this, “all will be well with our soul”. 





6 thoughts on ““Another Birthday”

  1. Thank God for Neal and Mary Touhill who gave you life. They are very proud of you and I am very proud of you for your response to God’s love and mercy in your life. We are praying for you to finish strong. I love you 🙏❤️🎂🎁🎈⚓️🤩🕰➕🥰


  2. Happy Birthday, Dad! I’d go back to that price of gas…
    That’s a very interesting thought: our conversations with God as if we were co-decision makers. Mulling that over.

    I love you and that you are still speaking into my life and helping me see God more clearly.


  3. This was a great one, Dad! I’m guilty of negotiating with God too…must run in the family. Happy birthday! We love you – wow, how much change you’ve endured from 1946-2021! May you live 100 years 😃🎉🎶🎤


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