“Why Are We So Busy ?”

Originally Posted May 22, 2020

Why do we feel so busy? With no definite plans outside the house during the quarantine, it seems like we should be bored to tears… but I know I’m not. Most people I talk to are busy. I’m actually very busy. I know, it sounds crazy. I’m essentially retired, and yet it seems like everyday I get up…. I blink … and I’m ready for bed. 

Well, my hope is that God is answering a prayer I’ve been praying for a long time. “Lord, help me not to waste time.” As St. Alphonsus has said there’s still time to become a saint….  if we submit the time we have left to God, it’s not too late. 

(Note: This is coming from a “world class procrastinator”… my mother’s words.)

I think part of the reason my day is full because I’ve added a couple of things to my daily routine. One is the “Papa’s Story Time” which I zoom to some of my younger grandchildren . I just finished reading “The Great Black Robe”  about Fr. Peter deSmet, SJ who left Belgium and helped bring Christ to the Indians in the West. He was an amazing and holy man. His home base was St. Louis University about 100 years before Judy and I were there. Of note, while he has buildings named after him, I still have outstanding parking tickets.) We just started  “The Lion, Witch, And Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis…one of my favorite books. I think the kids like it. Our team includes my wife Judy, George the monkey, and me…. some say we should rename our group “Beauty and the Two Monkeys”.

Of course the other new endeavor is my BLOG… this is actually the 49th issue. I’m actually enjoying it and thank you for your comments on how often I should do it. 

Some say,  do it every day, do it weekdays and take off the weekend, do it three days a week. Other comments were “keep going as long as you can…as the Holy Spirit leads… if you have the material do it…etc.” Thanks for all the excellent thoughts. Well with all that said, I’m probably going to publish  Monday thru Friday and take a break on the weekend. 

But, be on your toes because I may reroute a prior BLOG under a different title on the weekend and give a prize if anyone notices it. 

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