“How’m I Doing?”

Remember Mayor Ed Koch of New York and his standard line “How’m I Doing?” He wanted to know what people thought… how was he doing as mayor? He must have done pretty well for he served three terms.

“Mayor Koch”

So, how do you know if you’re doing well? In various jobs and situations, the owner or boss or coach, watches and lets you know how you’re doing…. are you doing the job…are you going to make it? If you get a job at Burger King, you’ll know pretty soon if you are going to cut it cooking the burgers, or if you’re moving to “trash man”.  Maybe you’ve watched the show, “Most Dangerous Catch”…. fishing for king crab in the Bering Sea… a very dangerous and demanding job. There’s usually a “greenhorn” on board…a new person on their first trip…  “will the greenhorn make it … how’s the greenhorn doing.” After awhile, it becomes clear that “yes, “Greenhorn Fred” is going to make it… he has what it takes, but “Ole Greenhorn Chuck” is not cutting it….soon to be “swimming with  the fish” ….. adios Chuck.

So there are many ways to get feedback on how we’re doing…. exam results, interview with your boss, results of the election, report from the doctor, lights are out and the locks have been changed at your house …. I think you have the picture. 

But how about our relationship with the Lord….. “Lord, how’m I doing”? Lord, am I an “A Student” ….. a “C Student”… how about a “D Student”…well certainly I’m not failing. “Yikes ….  boy oh boy oh boy.” Sometimes as we prepare for confession it may seem like we may be failing …in fact, we have failed…that’s why we go to confession…Lord please forgive me, I have sinned…I have failed.” That’s the reason we have Confession. When we bring our “life resume” to the final judgement, we have reason to be nervous, because “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”…all have failed the test. (Romans 3:23)

Yet, we have an “Ace in the Hole”. We have someone who is going to substitute his resume for ours. In this case it really is about “who you know”. I know someone who has paid the price for all my failings…who has redeemed all my sins. Yes, his name is Jesus…. Jesus my Lord and Savior… Jesus, my Friend…Jesus my Redeemer.  This is the “Good News”. I’ve been offered the free gift of eternal life thru Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins. My debt has been paid. My role is to receive this free gift and then follow him as my Lord.

So, “How’m I Doing” ? I’m doing great… because Jesus is the Lord of all and he has taken care of me. Wow, that is really good news. 

3 thoughts on ““How’m I Doing?”

  1. I fail everyday but I ask forgiveness and start again the next day. I have to rely on God’s mercy. Please Lord, keep me growing in holiness🙏


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