July 5, 1969-Seems Like Yesterday

Today is our 52nd wedding anniversary… in some ways, it seems like yesterday. As I think of our life today with our children and grandchildren…about 60 as you add up kids, spouses and grandchildren… it’s hard to imagine just Judy and me.

July 5, 1969

It was just the two of us in St. Louis in our 3rd floor apartment… new jobs, finishing school, our blue VW BUG, trying to figure out life. Then it was just the two of us in Kansas City buying a house, traveling… then for awhile it was just the two of us in Easton, Pa…another new house, new city. But then there was Angela in 1973, Suzanne in 1975, Laurie in 1977, Jon in 1980. Wow, things were changing. Then we moved to Berkeley Heights, NJ and along came Cris and Mary… a move to Warren, NJ and along came Pete and Anne and Dave and Cath. A very full life of kids and houses.

And then came marriages and sons & daughters in laws and grandchildren… and later this year grandchildren getting married. Wow, we have been so blessed. Sure there have been trials and tribulations and sorrows…but Christ has always been at our side and led us and cared for us. We have been blessed with brothers and sisters in Christ… in the People of Hope community and others from around the country and the world.

Once Judy and I were “caught” by the Lord and his love back in St. Louis, it has been a great adventure. He has poured out his mercy and love on us and led us over these 52 years. After Christ, the greatest blessing of my life has been my wife Judy…Judith Marie Kaelin. She has always been at my side, encouraging me, helping me thru much happiness and a few tears.

So, thank you Lord for my holy and beautiful wife and our 52 years together. May we one day be together in heaven with all of our family and friends and many others, celebrating your goodness forever and ever and ever.

May all of us thank God for our many blessings and trust him to “finish the good work he has begun in each of us”. (Phil. 1:6) And that is very good news.

2016- With 10 Children

5 thoughts on “July 5, 1969-Seems Like Yesterday

  1. Happy Anniversary Dave & Judy. Your life and love, faithfulness and courage are a beacon of Hope to all who know you. Thank you for laying down your lives for the Lord and His kingdom and your family and friends.


  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! So glad to have spent the “almost” entire day with you and Judy. Thank you for creating such a great witness for our family.


  3. We had no idea of the amazing plan Our Father had for our marriage until we gave Him our hearts and what an adventure it has been! We tasted a part of the adventure he had for us in Easton but coming into POH, the vision was completed. We had so much support to have a larger family and bring a whole of others along with us🙌🏻 Now we are seeing the blessings of all our hard work🙌🏻 “God who is mighty has done great things for us, Holy is his name”🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


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