” Am I Ready”

Originally Posted May 14, 2020

Sometimes it’s easy to fake yourself out. You think about or say something and you think you’ve actually done it. “You know with this new diet I can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. I’m going to get a new wardrobe; people will start calling me string bean”. I begin thinking I’ve already lost the 30 pounds…gee, I’m going to celebrate with a hot fudge sundae. I’ve faked myself out…now I have 35 pounds to lose. 

So, it’s important we live in reality and not kid ourselves. 

One area in which I think it’s easy to kid our self  is in “thinking I’m ready”.  I’m ready to run that 5K, I’m ready for that exam, I’m ready to buy that house or take that vacation…I’ve got enough money. 

In truth if I say I’m ready, then it means I’m ready… now. It doesn’t mean I’m almost ready. If I say I’m almost ready, it means I’m not ready…now. “Almost” means I’m not there … something still needs to be done. Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s true and to ignore this can have some severe effects. 

Now if we miscalculate in areas of money and school and health this can cause us some grief. But, the most important area is in my relationship with God. Am I ready to meet the Lord? That’s really  “the question”, because it has eternal consequences. I’ve heard it said that some people spend more time and energy in figuring out which car to buy, then in figuring out if they should give their life to the Lord. 

So, even though this can be an uncomfortable question, it’s an eternally important question. So, “Lord am I ready to meet you?” If the answer is “I don’t know or I’m not sure”, then the next question is “Lord help me to get ready … show me what to do Lord.”  I want to have no regrets when I “arrive at that great moment on which eternity depends”. 

Hey smile, lift your head up, this is good news. Let’s not fake ourselves out. Let’s be ready !

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