“Miracle On Dirt”

Do you believe in miracles…..the phrase uttered by sportscaster Al Michaels in the closing seconds of the United States’ improbable semi-final victory over the Soviet Union during the 1980 Winter Olympics — an event thereafter known as the “Miracle on Ice”.

Well, I may be getting a little too excited by a recent “miracle on dirt”, experienced  by the 3rd  grade little league baseball team, named the “Pittsburg Pirates”.  I also may be influenced  by the fact that 4 of my grandsons played on the team and my son-in-law Mark was the manager.

In this championship game, all the boys played well.. some good fielding plays, some timely hits, and “believe it or not”, a TRIPLE PLAY to squash a late inning rally by the opponent. I’ve never witnessed a triple play…it was really something… a fly ball to the second baseman who caught it and stepped on second and then first to catch the runners before they could get back. It was really exciting. And of course it was followed by trophies, ice cream bars and other goodies.

In the midst of the “trials and tribulations” of life that we all face, it’s really good to get caught up in the joy of young boys and their family enjoying a moment that they won’t forget for a long time. We’re often so focused on the pressures of life that we don’t enjoy all the small joys that surround us. May the Lord help us to laugh and dance and celebrate the sunsets, a good meal, time with friends and family.

Whose life was more important and serious that our Lord’s…yet I’m sure he enjoyed all the little moments that were there everyday… the weddings, the dinners together, the sunsets, the good friends with all their foibles.

 Life is good. Let’s thank  God that we’re alive and let us be ready for the next miracle…it’s coming right around the corner.

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