“What A Trip”

Well, as you are reading this BLOG, we will be on our way home from the proverbial “Road Trip”. We left Tennessee on Sunday morning, made our way into Virginia, where we stopped overnight in Lexington, having dinner a short distance from VMI (Virginia Military Institute) … notable graduates include Robert E. Lee, George Marshall, and George Patton. We were then off on the final leg on Monday thru West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and finally New Jersey. 

“Last Night In Nashville …at son Dave’s home

What a great trip….. we saw some 31 different state license plates, gas was a low of $2.72/gal. in Michigan and a high of $3.20/gal. in Tennessee… the weather was as cold as 35 degree and as hot as 91 degrees. We left Sunday, May 23rd …. returning Monday, June 7th

How about the highlights of the trip… wow, there so many. We saw Cristin & Jon Luea and family in Michigan, Mary & Pete Camiolo and family and our son Dave in Tennessee …we saw Judy’s brother Larry, wife Colleen and kids in Indiana … we attended Greg Floyd’s wedding at Notre Dame. We got to Mass every day, didn’t miss our prayer time, got to pray with a lot of people, posted the BLOG everyday, and Judy and I enjoyed being together. We saw sights, went boating, played golf, ate some great food … we gave away several copies of the book  “Prison to Praise”. We prayed with our family on many occasions. 

A key highlight was reminding ourselves that we can still get from point A to point B… we still have some “gas” left in the tank. Thank you Lord for a wonderful trip. We’re tired but peaceful and relaxed. 

3 thoughts on ““What A Trip”

  1. Looked and sounded like you had a great time. Love seeing the pics and reading the account. Safe trip home!


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