“What Do You Want?”

I’m often intrigued by how the Lord interacted with his disciples. He frequently would ask questions of them that he already knew the answers to … remember the discussion on the “Road to Emmaus”, where he kept asking questions of Cleopas that he obviously knew the answers.  Why did he do this?

In today’s reading from Mark, Jesus “probes” the blind man Bartimaeus who is crying out to Jesus, “have pity on me”. Jesus responds, “ take courage, get up…and then says, what do you want me to do for you?” Isn’t it interesting how he probes… he wants us to think about what we want and need and to then ask….”Master, I want to see.” Earlier in a discussion with James and John , Jesus says, ”what do you wish me to do for you.” (Mark 10:32-45)

“Gourmet Turtle Popcorn”

Why does Jesus ask us questions and make us answer? What happens during this process? Well, I think it causes us to think more deeply …. to ask our self “what do I really want here”. I shouldn’t be lazy in my prayers to God…”oh the Lord knows what I want…he’ll figure it out”. It’s important that we try to know ourselves…what’s really going on inside our heart… what do I really want. It’s good to spend time in prayer articulating what’s on our mind… what’s going on with me…. what’s really important to me. Lord, help me to know  what I really want. It’s not always obvious at first glance. 

Well, I’ll join my request today with Bartimaeus …”Lord, I want to see”. I want to see you! I want to see you at my side, leading and helping me, showing me the way home. I want to “see” that you will not leave me. I want to “see” you listening to me as I tell you about my needs, about those I love who need help and healing. I want to “see” you dispelling my fears and sorrows. I want to “see” that you love me, despite my failings. 

A quick update on our trip. Our daughter Catherine, husband Chris, and 4 month old daughter Nina arrived from New Jersey. We had a great dinner last night and are getting ready to visit Horrocks’s Farm Market… for some shopping, a visit to the beer garden for lunch… this place has gourmet popcorn, chocolates, beers, flowers, wines…. I’ll report on this activity tomorrow if I’m still alive.

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