“It Is Finished”

A quick update on our trip before I get to the BLOG message. Well, we’re hanging out in Dimondale, Michigan with our daughter Cristin and husband Jon and family. After a good night’s sleep we went to 8am Mass with Cris and several of the kids. After dropping Ian off for his last day of preschool, we went out to a very tasty diner for breakfast, followed by a trip to the Thrift Store for a few choice purchases and then a visit to the Michigan State Horse Farm where there are a number of newly born horses.

Michigan State University Horse Farm

We’re now taking a “well deserved” rest and getting ready for a special dinner with Owen who is graduating from 8th Grade. More details on our trip tomorrow…..but first a few other thoughts.

After a long week or a long ordeal, I will often emit a big sigh….. “ a long, deep, audible exhalation expressing, relief”…. It was a tough week, a full week, but we made it through…auhhhhhhh.  In the reading from John 19 the other day, I think Jesus must have emitted a big deep sigh. It was his final moments on the cross. After making sure his mother was  safe by telling John to care of her, he was “aware that everything was now finished… “he took the common wine on the sponge and said it is finished…and bowing his head, he handed over his spirit”. (John 19:23-34) What a great moment for the Lord. All of his earthly life… a life of love and suffering and miracles and sacrifice and redemption was now completed. He had completed his earthly mission…”it is finished”… what a relief it must have been. Wow, what a moment!

I remember the moment at my daughter’s wedding when we walked up the aisle and I now gave her a hug and placed her hand in the hand of her soon to be husband, saying to him, “get her to heaven”. My main job as her father had now ended…it was now being given to her husband. It was. a mix of joy and some sadness, but also relief… the time for a big sigh. While I pray for her and her family all the way into eternity, my main job was over…it was finished. I felt the same way when my own mother died in our home. We had cared for her to the end and now we handed her over the Lord… our job on earth was finished. It was again a mix of joy and sadness and relief.

So, we have a lot left to do in our life on this earth…it is not yet finished. Judy and I are still working on getting each other to heaven…we are still praying and assisting our children and grandchildren and friends in helping them prepare for heaven. But at some point, it will be finished and there will be the “eternal sigh”, announcing to ourselves that “it is finished”. And may we finish well …. finish strong, and hear those magnificent words, “well done good and faithful servant, enter in to the joy of your master”. Yes Lord, may it be so. 

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