“We’re Off”

Well, we’re off on our Road Trip as mentioned last Friday. It’s early Sunday morning; the car packed, full of gas, and we’re heading out on I-80 West…into Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. Wow, is this exciting or what. Lord Jesus bless our travel and keep us safe. 

“We’re All Packed”

Let me mention a few “basics” to help you understand our trip. First, we take some time to pray in the car…. a few songs, reading of scripture, intercession, sharing insights we’ve received. We spell each other driving, usually switching at a rest stop or when getting gas; maybe take a short walk to keep from getting too stiff. From our friends Marty & Christina we look to record the different state license plates we see. It’s easy getting New Jersey (that’s us) and New York and Pennsylvania, but then it gets a little tougher; the most we’ve had is ~40. I don’t know if we’ve ever gotten North Dakota… we did get Hawaii a couple of times…., that must have been a tough drive from Honolulu. We’ll either eat our lunch while driving or at rest stop where Judy has a table cloth and all the essentials. Let’s see what else….hmmmmm? Well, in order to have full disclosure for this BLOG, I should say we pay attention for possible speed traps, because the alternate driver Mario “Bird” Andretti, can tend to inadvertently move a bit out of the speed limit….”hey, I’m just saying…she’s a good driver, but doesn’t like to “dilly dally”. Okay, that’s enough about the basics.

“Made It To PA.”

So, how did it go? Well, we made it thru our first day and are safely in our motel in Ohio. Gas was $3.00/gal. in PA. We’re staying in a Holiday Inn Express…clean and pretty basic… we do have a breakfast included but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it makes the BLOG. We saw about 22 state license plates… not a bad start… the furthest away was California. Judy was recording my “instructions to the other drivers on the road”. I try to help them in their driving skills. These included, “MOVE IT OVER BUB…., HEY IN A BIG HURRY TO GET TO THE BEER HALL….GO AHEAD SPEED BALL…..COME ON LADY…. SLOW DOWN GRAMMA…. “ I’ve found that my comments really help the traffic flow.

Amazingly, we were able to  listen to the Pentecost Prayer Meeting of the People of Hope on ZOOM as we were driving thru Ohio… it was great with wonderful music and exhortations and witnessing. Pentecost is such an important time… the  “Birthday of the Church”. We really need a renewal of the Holy Spirit today in the church and in the world. Come Holy Spirit.

Well, we survived our first day and will check in tomorrow. In the meantime, remember that the Lord loves you very much and hears every one of your prayers….. and that is very good news.

“In Ohio Tonight”

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