“Taking The BLOG On The Road”

Well, Judy and I are packing our bags and “gettin out of town”. We’re heading West. We’re getting in our car, hopping on Route 80 and putting the “pedal to the metal”. Sounds pretty exciting. We’re going to visit our daughter Cristin & Family in Michigan, then off to a wedding in South Bend, next to Indianapolis to see her brother, and finally down to Nashville to visit our daughter Mary & Family and son David. All in all, about a 2 week trip. Wow, I’m already exhausted. 

“On The Road Again”

I know what you’re thinking….”what about the BLOG….. are you going to do the BLOG while you’re away….I can’t survive without the BLOG….” Okay, calm down, calm down for a minute…. let me think this through….. hmmmmm.

To be honest I feel I have a bit of “BLOG FATIGUE”. Actually I just saw a real article on the topic, called “Blogging Fatigue…8 Tips To Get Over Your Blogging Blues”.  It says, “bloggers often run out of steam as energy levels begin to diminish and the time commitment takes its toll.” Yikes, no wonder I’m tired. 

Well, one of the suggestions is to “unshackle yourself from your desk”… or in my words, “let’s take the BLOG on the road.” Maybe I’ll get some great inspirations from our upcoming travels. Wow, I’m getting excited thinking about it… topics like “what’s the price of gas in Ohio….or what’s the free breakfast like at the Comfort Inn… or did I get a singing contract in Nashville …..or how about that speed trap on Route 81 in Virginia. ( I’ve read that in Virginia, you can definitely be pulled over for going only five miles per hour over the limit….. wooooooo.)

So, let’s get ready for the “Travel BLOG” beginning on Monday. Please join St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, and pray for us. 

6 thoughts on ““Taking The BLOG On The Road”

  1. We’re just up the road a bit; always welcome!Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S8+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone


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