“Knowing The Future”

Originally Posted April 21, 2020

I saw an article recently that probed whether people want to know the future. “For nearly every question, the majority of participants said they wouldn’t want to know the answer. The issues ranged from serious to mundane and included when they or their partner would die, what they would die of, whether they would get divorced, what they were getting for Christmas, and the outcome of a soccer game they were going to watch.” 

Regardless of whether you want to know the future. it’s pretty tough to actually know the future. Sometimes our predictions turn out correct, but that’s usually just luck or an educated guess. Who consistently predicts the stock market, the winner of the Super Bowl, or the weather?  We keep trying and we keep looking for that someone who can do it for us. 

Well there is one person who knows the future. God knows the future and he often tells us what’s going to happen, but usually not with the detail or timing we may want. All his promises will come to pass…but how and when. With God our problem is that we often don’t “think like he does”, so what I think is good, he doesn’t think is good. His timing is often different than mine. When I ask him for something, I want it to happen when I want it…. like “now”; yet he may answer it, not now, but later later…. sometimes much later. 

So, like many things with God he calls us to trust him. He says ”trust in the Lord, do good, and I will give you the desires of your heart.” (Ps.37:3). He says “trust me, I will take care of you, I will save you, I am preparing a place for you in heaven, peace be with you, all will be well….”. 

It’s a wonderful exercise to study the promises of God. You can find lists already put together, or you can simply make your own list as you read through the scripture. All God’s promises will come to pass.We can trust him. 

We do know the future and for those who have put their trust in the Lord, our future is going to be magnificent !!!

One thought on ““Knowing The Future”

  1. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness , and all these things(Godly things) will be given you besides”. I’ve been claiming that promise lately.


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