“Keeping Sane”

Originally Posted April 16, 2020

I think going from the “profound to the mundane” can keep us somewhat sane. Too much of one or the other can drive us a bit crazy ?!+%*. 

We are in the  midst of a “profound” moment with the Coronavirus pandemic, with implications far beyond anyone’s expectations. We’re dealing with computer models predicting maybe hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US, along with a recession or maybe depression…. incredibly profound and complex. But we are also dealing with “the mundane”… the everyday kind of things. Is there enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer at Shoprite … should I shave today since I’m not going anywhere … what should I wear when I take out the garbage? 

Woe, what’s going on ????

The other day we were pondering the latest Coronavirus news when we looked out our window and saw smoke pouring out from across the street. The neighbor’s Jeep was on fire (still somewhat of a mystery). Before we knew it, three firetrucks were there, neighbors are outside looking (6’apart), everyone is making comments, giving advice…. “how did it start, get back it’s going to blow up”, play by play announcing and commentary. Before you knew it, the fire was out, everyone was safe, and we’re waving to the fireman as they drove away…applause, thumbs up. It was quite a scene. Not that this was that mundane, but it was somewhat of an emotional relief from the intense focus on the virus. I personally felt a bit more lighthearted. We thanked our neighbor for the diversion and asked him what was on the agenda for tomorrow. I think God sometimes allows the mundane in our life to go with the profound in order to keep us sane. We do need this balance.

So we are in the “Octave of Easter”, a week of Easter Sundays. There is time to continue to ponder the greatness of the resurrection. It is a “profound” time in the life of the church. But what mundane event does God have in store for us now if he’s  going to keep us sane. Wait, what is that I see across the street…smoke???

2 thoughts on ““Keeping Sane”

  1. Thank you Lord for new babies, baptisms, birthdays, baptismal day celebrations that keep us focused on LIFE and not all the bad and the ugly!
    May we all stay close to Jesus who will guide us through all the trials🙏


  2. I think our “God is smart!” He knows how to distract us when we get so focused on our problems, our needs, our losses. He shows us things could be worse. He reminds us to avoid getting into comparisons, instead count your blessings! Mike


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