Does My Enthusiasm Match The Message?

Occasionally I’ll see a house painted a bright pink color and think “yikes, who in the world would ever paint a house that color”. You may see what you consider a strange looking car or house or outfit or haircut or whatever, and think the same thing… woe, what is that…..

“Hey, I’ve Got Good News…. Hmmmmm”

We are all so different. It would be a pretty boring world if we were all exactly the same… if all the houses were gray, all the men had flattop haircuts, same size and weight … speaking with the same accent… having the same opinions…. all Yankee fans…auuuugh. Well, don’t worry because we come in all different sizes and shapes… various skills and sensitivities. We all have different personalities which can vary in many ways. It makes the world go round. 

One aspect of our personalities that can vary quite a bit is “enthusiasm”. I read that “enthusiastic people have a high energy level, with an extraordinary driving force…..they enjoy everything, little things and big things….. they live in the present…. they smile and laugh a lot, are usually very loud and their laugh is contagious…..they are extremely positive and creative.” Sounds about right.

It would seem that anyone who achieves any level of success must score pretty high on the “enthusiasm scale”.  If it’s a great “product”, we should be really enthused. So, what am I enthusiastic about ?

If I’m trying to introduce  someone to Jesus, I should be pretty enthusiastic. I’m not selling pencils on the street corner, I’m speaking about eternity, about life after death, about heaven. I’m sharing about the mysteries of the universe, about receiving healing and forgiveness for my worst sins and failings. I’m talking about reuniting with our loved ones who have died.  This is the most important news a person on this earth can hear. How’s my enthusiasm level; does it match the message? Well, we should have a pretty high level of enthusiasm. We don’t need to shout or jump up and down, but our heart and soul should be shouting and jumping up and down. My enthusiasm should match the message. I should be absolutely delighted & thrilled, filled with joy & energy. 

Yikes.  I don’t know about you, but I have to say that I’m very convicted by this BLOG. I’m too often a reluctant evangelist, somehow not appreciating the wonderful news I have to share. I need to grow in my enthusiasm in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. My heart should leap with joy as I think and share about our great salvation in Jesus Christ. Lord, help me ….. help me to be truly enthusiastic about sharing the good news. Lord, light a fire under me…let me see with greater clarity the greatness of our salvation.

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