Someone Knows My Name

Originally Posted April 13, 2020

There was a popular TV sitcom back in the late  ‘80’s called “Cheers” It was about the lives of some characters who frequented a bar in Boston. Every week the show began with a catchy theme song with the refrain  “Sometimes you want to go… where everybody knows your name…”. 

That little tune captured something. 

I believe we all like to go where we’re noticed, where we’re known, where people are glad we came…. hey, Dave’s here ! We’ve probably been to places where we’ve walked in and no one notices, maybe a side glance or a yawn, but no welcome. 

Well, God is a lot better than the bar patrons at “Cheers”. He is our father, our heavenly father. He notices us. In fact, he has been noticing us since we were conceived in our mother’s womb. He’s watched over us every moment of our life. He’s been with us in every sorrow and every joy. He’s guided and guarded us thru “many dangers, toils, and snares.” He will also be with us when we breath our last. The Psalmist tells us that  “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his faithful ones. “(Ps. 116). I love the word “precious” especially coming from the mouth of God….it means  cherished, favorite, dear, special, esteemed. If someone is precious to you, you pay attention to them, you notice them, you take care of them. Because that is true, I believe that no one who is faithful to the Lord dies alone. Because the Lord is there, you can be sure that his mother Mary is there, and the saints, and the angels…it’s a crowded room. I believe that even if loved ones and doctors and nurses are present, the gaze of the dying at some point moves from the earthly participants  to the eternal ones. That’s when the true welcome begins…” well done, good and faithful servant….enter into the joy of your master.” (Mt. 25:21) 

Hey everyone, quick come here, Pete’s  home. It’s time to celebrate. 

In Honor of Our Good Brother Pete Harmon

Entered Eternal Life on April 11, 2020

May He Rest In Peace

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