“Covid Is Still Sneaking Around”

Well, this is stacking up to be a unique Triduum and Easter. While minding my own business the other day, I was shocked to test positive for Covid. I didn’t have any real symptoms other than a little fatigue…which I seem to have normally. Anyway, I tested positive and was “sent to my room” ( isolated) for 10 days. Judy tested negative but must be quarantined for the same 10 days. 

So far, my symptoms have not worsened. I feel somewhat guilty getting prayers and best wishes when I feel pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to feel worse. Since this BLOG will probably not get posted until several days from now, I may actually feel better or worse by then, so we’ll have to wait and see how this works out. (Oh by the way, my son Jon tested positive for Covid and is also isolated…yet his wife is negative…. who knows?)

Well, I’m trying to figure out what the Lord’s plan is for all of this. I clearly have some extra time since my only travel is the 8 foot trip to the bathroom. I do like to get up and walk around the room. I’m advised to do some exercise to keep my lungs in good shape, so I’ve been doing a few things…not too much…I don’t want to pull a muscle or trip and fall out the window.

I’m able to pray more with the extra  time, which is good. I’ve actually been pretty busy so far with texts, facetime, prayer, a bit of reading and TV…but not too much so far. There are plenty of people to pray for…so many are hurting far greater than I am. In truth, I don’t want to siphon off any prayers for my minimal suffering from those who are really suffering and need prayers. 

Whenever you get some time to slow down, I think the Lord wants to say something to you, so I’ll try to keep my ears open over these next days. So in the meantime, remember that Jesus is Lord. He is our hope and joy. He loves each of us dearly and will help us along the way, all the way into heaven.


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